Prizes and Awards

Want to pay an individual a prize or award and don't know where to start?

P – Payment Type

I – Income (recipient classification – employee, student, scholarship or fellowship, independent)

F – Form (PV, award form, etc.)

C – Contact (payment processing department)

Award Payments

P – Employee receiving an award based on their employment.
Example – Employee of the month/year, employee service awards, employee teaching awards

– Employee award

F – Employee award form (see Forms HR website)

C – Human Resources – (Connie Nolan x54095)

P – Student receiving an award as a result of entering a contest through a documented competitive process, or special achievement, skill, or knowledge.

I – Student award

F – Payment Voucher (PV) with Form W-9

C – Accounts Payable – (x51157)

P – UNLV Student receiving payment for the purpose of aiding his/her study, training, or research intended to defray the expenses of tuition and fees, books, supplies, and research. Recipients of scholarships are not expected to render services to the institution as consideration.

I – Scholarship or Fellowship

F – Scholarship Award Roster

C – Financial Aid – (Jennifer Martinez x50625)

Payments Involving a Service

– Individual providing services that UNLV controls or teaching a credit class

– Most likely an employee (wages)


C – Human Resources (x53504)

P – Individual providing services that UNLV does not control including guest speakers

I – Most likely an independent contractor (self–employment income)

– ISP contract

C – Accounts Payable (x51156)

P – Payments involving travel:

– Travel grants (paid receipts required)

F – Travel document  (TD) – Employees, UNLV students, registered volunteers, a team/group consisting of an employee traveling with registered students at UNLV. Students must be providing a service to UNLV. UNLV students traveling for purposes of benefiting their education or research is considered a travel grant and processed as a scholarship (see above).

F – ISP Contract – Independent Contractors (per diem not allowed)

F – Payment voucher (PV) – Guest/visitor, job candidates, students from other universities traveling to benefit their education, studies or research considered a travel grant (per diem not allowed)

C – Accounts Payable (x51156)


*For authorization to use PCard for travel expenses, please contact UNLV Purchasing (PCard Dept x42273).

If you have any questions, please contact the individual or department listed before starting the process.

Special Note

If the payment will be made to someone who is not a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, please contact Debbie Honrath (Nonresident Alien Tax Specialist x51243) before invitation or completing forms.