Telephone Services


University telecommunications equipment (including cellular telephones, wireless devices and telephone cards) are to be used for official UNLV business. The use of university telephones for personal purposes is to be discouraged; however, each department has the option of prohibiting personal long distance telephone usage.

All UNLV telephones need to be protected against unauthorized long distance usage. Phones in open access areas should be designed so that long distance calls cannot be made or long distance calls can only be made with personal identification numbers (PIN). In these instances, personnel requiring long distance access must be given a PIN through Telecommunications Services. A PIN number can be requested by completing a Telecommunications Work Order.


Download Telecommunications Telephone Policy

Personnel must reimburse UNLV for any personal long distance calls.

  • The reimbursement should be credited to the account that was originally charged.
  • The department may keep a record when amounts are minimal and request reimbursement periodically.
  • All amounts in excess of $50 must be reimbursed upon identification.
  • When the amounts are not immediately reimbursed, the record should reflect exact amounts owed to UNLV.
  • Departments are responsible for auditing their bills to ensure compliance with this policy.

To allow personnel to identify personal calls, monthly UNLV Telecommunications bills are to be personally reviewed by each telephone user within the department (includes volunteers and student workers).

  • The user needs to identify any personal calls made or faxes sent during the billed period.
  • To allow the account manager or designee to document the review process, each user must sign/initial the billing statement or the routing sheet next to his/her name to confirm the billing was reviewed.

Phone cards are recommended for use while on official UNLV business travel. Contact UNLV Telecommunications at 702-895-1800 for information regarding available telephone services.


Business Calls Billed to a Personal Telephone Credit Card or Personal Telephone Number

Copy the first billing invoice and each separate page that cites a call to be reimbursed.

  • Attach to the original or an amended travel claim if calls were made while in travel status.
  • Attach to a payment voucher if calls were not made while in travel status.
  • Monthly service (voice and data), fees and taxes are not reimbursable (S.A.M. 1616.0).
  • Personal phone bills can not be paid directly to the provider by the university, submit highlighted copies of the business calls and attach the copies to a payment voucher requesting reimbursement.

Place the following certification on each invoice page:
"I certify that all calls and/or data to be reimbursed on this invoice were for official University Business".

Have the employee sign and date the certification statement.

Business Calls Billed to a University Owned Telephone Service Account (includes Phone Cards and Cellular Service)

A purchase order should be completed for UNLV owned cell phone accounts. If no purchase order was prepared in advance then submit the invoice on a payment voucher. The payment voucher will be sent to Purchasing for an "after-the-fact" approval. A purchase order is not required for land line accounts and may be paid via payment voucher.

Submit the entire original invoice and the billing statement (or detail) of invoiced calls to Accounts Payable for payment.

Place the following signed certification on each invoice page:
"I certify all calls and/or data to be paid on this invoice were for official UNLV business".

A signature authority for the account charged must sign and date each invoice.

When processing the payment for business calls billed by a UNLV telephone service contractor (above), the following steps must also be completed when personal calls are identified on the billing:

  • Write the caller's name next to the personal call charge.
  • Staple a personal check or money order from the caller (payable to the Board of Regents) for the total cost of the personal charges (including tax).
  • Do not attach cash.
  • The department will pay any applicable fees.
  • The check or money order will be deposited by Accounts Payable to the account charged on the PV/PO after the invoice is audited and the payment to the vendor has been processed. Accounts Payable will attach a copy of the deposit slip to the invoice.

Personal Calls Billed to the University Telephone System

When reviewing the calls billed by the UNLV Telecommunications Department, the following steps must be completed when personal calls are identified on the billing:

  • The caller must write his/her name next to each personal call charge on the billing.
  • Forward a personal check or money order (payable to the Board of Regents) for the total cost of the personal calls made to the person designated by the Department Chair to make deposits.
  • The department prepares a deposit slip and deposits the reimbursement check into the department account (same Object and Sub-Object) that was charged by the Telecommunications Department for the telephone expenses.
  • If the telephone charges were billed in a prior year 21xx account, contact the Budget Office to obtain the appropriate account number to deposit the reimbursement.
  • The department will attach a copy of the deposit slip to the billing statement.

Some Things to Remember

  • If the telephone contractor does not include a detailed list of phone calls, you must obtain this list before any payment or reimbursement can be made.
  • The University long distance provider is Telepacific, the detail list of calls may be accessed, viewed, and printed via the Telecom website.
  • All phone bills not being paid to the Telecommunications Department require a phone certification.
  • Only the current balance may be paid on any phone bill.
  • University phones should be used for UNLV business only.
  • For any questions, please contact the Accounts Payable Office at 702-895-1157.