Payment Voucher


The Payment Voucher (PV) form is used to direct Accounts Payable to pay a vendor, reimburse an individual, or replenish an authorized fund. This document is also used to pay for after-the-fact purchases, when appropriate. It may not be used in place of University purchasing procedures.


A PVE is a computerized version of the PV form. In order to use these forms, you must register and obtain a list of valid PV numbers for your department’s use; you can then download the PV form below. For more details, please contact the vendor team at 702-895-1157.


Listed below are the most common uses for the Payment Voucher followed by some key points unique to that particular transaction. Please refer to specific topic pages for more details.


  • Must be in the name of the university, not an employee or student.
  • Must be mailed to a university address (no home addresses).

Memberships, Dues and Licenses

  • An original copy of the vendor’s invoice must be attached.
  • Institutional and Individual memberships (see policy page)

Petty Cash Replenishment

  • Cannot use Petty cash to circumvent Purchasing policies.

Miscellaneous Employee Expense reimbursement

  • Miscellaneous Employee Expense Reimbursement (Non-Travel) to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses incurred.
  • The original receipt must be attached.

Host Reimbursement

Charged to a designated Host Account or an Interview and Recruiting Account.

  • An original copy of the vendor’s invoice must be attached.
  • The name and affiliation of each person hosted must be cited on the receipt, on an attached Host Explanation Form or on the PV.
  • Candidate expenses must reference the Position and Search numbers.

Miscellaneous Student Reimbursements

Dormitory and telephone deposit refunds.

  • Must be charged to a Revenue Source and Sub-Revenue Sources Code.
  • The receipt number of the original deposit needs to be entered in Invoice field on PV form.
  • The complete name, social security number and non-campus address of student is required.

Conference Registration

  • A completed copy of the registration form and a complete copy of the conference brochure must be attached for reimbursement.

Utility Payments

  • Complete invoice is required
  • Telephone bills need to be verified by the dean/director/chair ensuring that all calls were for official UNLV business
  • Cellular bills need to be verified by the user ensuring that all calls were made for official UNLV business.
  • A check or money order from the person reimbursing any personal calls made payable to "Board of Regents/UNLV" should be attached for any unofficial calls identified.

After-the-Fact Purchase

  • A university purchase order was not used for the transaction
  • A P-card was not used for the transaction
  • An original copy of the vendor’s invoice with a description of each item purchased must be attached
  • Provide an explanation detailing why a purchase order wasn’t used.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • If the payee is a new vendor, the vendor needs to complete the supplier registration.
  • Employees, including student employees, should be coded with an “E” followed by their, employee ID number; volunteers with a “V” and assigned employee ID number. Students who aren’t employees are to be coded with an “S” and their student ID number.
  • Individuals external to UNLV must complete a form W-9 which is to be attached to the PV.
  • A Payment Voucher may never be used in place of a valid purchase order.
  • Additional approvals may be needed for Hosting and Membership transactions.

Completing the PV Form

Ensure that the payee has completed online supplier registration on the Purchasing website if a vendor and that you have the appropriate employee or student ID number.

The Header

  • Complete the appropriate fields for vendor code, name, and address.
  • Fill in your contact information.
  • If the payee is an individual, ensure that a valid W-9 is on file.
  • If the check is not going to be mailed directly to the vendor, note your requested check disposition.
  • Use “Document text” space for information on transaction, such as:
    • Who is being reimbursed or hosted.
    • Why a PV was used instead of a purchase order.
    • Start and end dates for memberships or subscriptions.
    • Location, dates a function is held.
    • Whether a previous order should be cross referenced.

The Account Lines

  • Use one account line per invoice or receipt.
  • Specify the Object and Sub-Object codes.
  • Briefly describe the transaction for this account.
  • Note the customer account number, membership name, or transaction reference for the vendor.
  • Write the vendor invoice number.
  • Specify the dollar amount being paid from each account line.
  • Total all account lines and fill in the appropriate field.

Signature Authority

  • Obtain the signature authority for the referenced accounts.
  • Signature authorities may not self-endorse their PV, obtain a supervisory approval when appropriate.
  • If a grant account was used, submit the documentation to grants and Contracts for approval.
  • Memberships and Licenses require Dean or Director approval.

Authorization Required

Signature Authority

Account Restrictions

See policy for each type of reimbursement.