Graduation Visualization

In order to earn a degree at UNLV, students must complete a minimum of 120 credits. For most students, these credits, in a broad sense, are comprised of three major components:

  1. General Education Requirements (around 50 credits)
  2. Major Courses (around 40-60 credits)
  3. Electives (around 0-30 credits)

Note: The video's degree sheet is intended as an example only. Please refer to the current year's general education requirements for the most accurate information.

15 to finish

These courses are not all completed in one semester, but rather, over a period of semesters. And depending on the major you choose, or if you decide to add a minor, you might very well graduate with more than 120 earned credits.

In order to graduate in four years, consider completing 30 credits per year (30 multiplied by 4 = 120). This can be done by completing 15 credits per semester or by earning credits in the summer. Another great point - summer sessions are a great way to get ahead.

Seeing your academic advisor once per semester will go a long way in helping you stay on track to graduate in four years.