For the Community

Virtually every unit, department, and group on the UNLV campus is involved in community engagement in some way. Whether it’s a student group volunteering, a service-learning program, research that helps solve a community problem, or a lifelong learning class, ample opportunities for community engagement exist. UNLV experts are also working throughout the community to enhance quality of life and address myriad issues. Learn more about the different units below to see how you can engage, or check out UNLV’s colleges and schools to learn more about their community engagement opportunities.

For the Campus

The UNLV Office of Community Engagement helps facilitate collaboration and partnership between on- and off-campus communities. To enhance this process, we have worked with the UNLV Community Engagement Council to provide the campus community with a "Guide to Forming Community Partnerships." The guide is designed to articulate administrative best practices that support development of university-community partnerships. It includes several steps to help streamline partnership formation as well as a list of campus points of contact and web resources to assist with the process.

A "Guide to Common UNLV Community Collaboration Agreements" is included below as well to provide UNLV faculty and staff with a better understanding of types of university agreements required to establish community collaborations.

For more information about developing partnerships or this guide, please contact the Office of Community Engagement at or at 702-895-4298.

Guide to Forming Community Partnerships Guide to Common UNLV Community Collaboration Agreements