COM 101 and 102


COM 101 and COM 102 represent the foundation of the Communication Studies program. In these classes, you will learn important concepts and skill sets that translate across disciplines.

Both COM 101 and COM 102 provide information that is relevant to students of all majors and disciplines. Their goal is to introduce students to the foundations of communication, a skill we all use regardless of our career.

Fundamentals of Oral Communication focuses on the theory and practice of public speaking and is required by many colleges and departments on campus. In this class, you learn how to construct and deliver presentations of both an informative and a persuasive nature. Rooted in a tradition more than 2,000 years old, public speaking is one of the most important professional skills you can learn. In the class, you will deliver two informative and two persuasive speeches and also learn how to speak effectively using visual aids.

To encourage the development of these skills, the Department of Communication Studies, in conjunction with McGraw Hill Publishing and a slew of local companies, sponsors a speech contest for the more than 1,000 students who take COM 101 and deliver more than 4,000 speeches. The top speeches in each section of COM 101 are selected and their authors invited to perform the speeches in the competition. After an initial opening round, the top seven speakers compete in a final round before three guest judges.

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication focuses on the interpersonal dimensions of our communicative lives. All of us develop and maintain relationships with others, be it in our family, at work, or in other aspects of our personal lives. This class introduces you to the characteristics of these relationships and how we can improve, adjust, and understand how to communicate better with one another in our everyday lives. Regardless of what career you may undertake, you cannot escape the importance of developing strong interpersonal communication skills.