Tissue of Origin in Cancers of Unknown Primary

Research Project 1 led by Mira Han will develop a new method using multi-omics profiling to identify the tissue of origin for cancers of unknown primaries to increase the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment Cancers of Unknown Primary (CUPs) are cancers that are found at a metastatic stage, but without a primary site. Knowing the primary site for CUPs is important, because it can direct the therapies in cases where there are primary site-specific therapies available. Since DNA methylation is tissue-specific and change with cell differentiation, methylation sites are good markers for identifying tissue of origins. This project aims to find the gene expression and methylation markers that are useful for tissue identification, and to develop the bioinformatics pipeline that enables primary site prediction. Using the markers and the pipeline developed, we will be able to better predict primary sites for CUPs.