CMSEE Services & Proposal Submission Process

The UNLV Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education assists faculty to develop STEM education and/or STEM workforce development proposals that involve multiple disciplines (across college lines). The aim of the center is to strengthen the quality of collaborative proposals submitted by the institution.

The CMSEE provides the following services to the campus community:

  • Searching and identifying funding opportunities in STEM Education
  • Identifying and recommending prospective collaborators from one or more of the participating colleges
  • Reviewing and editing proposals
  • Writing and/or contributing to the proposal narrative to develop and/or strengthen the proposal content
  • Providing reference materials — published articles on best practices, funded/unfunded proposals, national reports, policy briefs, as well as information on local initiatives, etc.
  • Working as a liaison with the center’s Pre-Award Officer in the Office of Sponsored Programs

Since the center is a multidisciplinary unit, its research operations do not fall under one single college. Instead, the center functions as an independent vehicle (outside of each the college) for submitting multidisciplinary STEM education proposals.

To facilitate the submission of proposals routed though the CMSEE, the center’s STEM coordinator/proposal writer works directly with an assigned pre-award administrator in the Office of Sponsored Programs. The center provides narrative support — writing, reviewing, and editing, as well as content organization — whereas the pre-award administrator provides all administrative support (non-technical) to the proposal.


Hallie Lyons
Senior Research Administrator, Pre-Award Services
Office: RAB 105
Mail Code: 1055
Phone: 702-895-3104