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medical worker in full protective suit making "LV" sign with hands
Dec. 31, 2020

As the pandemic tightened its grip on Nevada, the nation, and the world, UNLV responded in ways big and small. Members of the media also turned to UNLV's faculty experts for answers.

Professor Ashkan Salamat in his lab at UNLV
Dec. 29, 2020

A yearlong collection of UNLV faculty making the news for their discoveries and contributions to the community.

Oct. 26, 2020

One of her hobbies has taught the lab safety manager that sometimes the victor is the one who just keeps moving forward.

woman smiling
Oct. 6, 2020

Brookings Mountain West and The Lincy Institute student researchers embrace remote learning and engage in public policy research to benefit UNLV and the region.

A hand is seen wiping a folder with a UNLV logo
Aug. 11, 2020

As summer comes to a close and classrooms open, UNLV biochemist Ernesto Abel-Santos offers cleaning best practices.

UNLV graduate seated with decorated cap
May. 14, 2020

An enduring UNLV end-of-semester tradition is to highlight exceptional students who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the graduating class.

A woman in a labcoat manipulates a test tube
Apr. 17, 2020

Life sciences' Helen Wing and colleagues assisting Southern Nevada Health District with viral transport medium; other faculty in College of Sciences contribute protective equipment.

chalk drawing of human body with intestinal tract
Feb. 12, 2020

New UNLV study shows promise for role of a high-carb, low-protein, and low-fat diet in fighting off C. diff infections.

A man in a labcoat sit near a computer
Dec. 17, 2019

Rebel Grad Slam winner Nam Hoang’s research focuses on how tumors trick the body into feeding them, and how to stop it.

A woman smiles while working with scientific equipment
Sep. 20, 2019

Alumna Vanessa Sanders finding new paths for isotopes therapeutic and diagnostic at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Bradley Boe ready to play wheelchair rugby
Jul. 11, 2019

Bradley Boe finds empowerment in a new scholarship for students with spinal cord injuries.

Jun Yong Kang writes on a glass board.
May. 13, 2019

The most exciting thing about chemistry? The infinite failures in even the most thoroughly thought-out experiments, the biochemist says.

A scientist recoils from The Machine. (Illustration by Chris Jones)
Apr. 15, 2019

Professor Clemens Heske's pride and joy is unique worldwide in its ability to study surface chemistry.

Bhagya De Silva portrait
Jan. 17, 2019

Doctoral student Bhagya De Silva traveled more than nine thousand miles to mine for better Alzheimer's Treatments.

UNLV graduate in cap and gown in crowd
Dec. 31, 2018

A collection of stories highlighting UNLV students and faculty who made the news in 2018.

UNLV students at commencement
Dec. 14, 2018

UNLV president Marta Meana will highlight exceptional graduating students at commencement who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the Winter 2018 graduating class.

UNLV students in caps and gowns celebrating commencement
May. 9, 2018

UNLV president will highlight exceptional students at commencement who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the graduating class.

Portrait Hannah Patenaude
Apr. 23, 2018

Nevada undergraduate research journal offers UNLV students the opportunity to promote their research and boost their resumes.

UNLV grad cap
Dec. 15, 2017

Five UNLV graduates will be recognized by President Len Jessup during winter commencement for their combination of academic excellence and service to the community.

Eshani Lee
May. 19, 2017

Doctoral candidate Eshani Lee’s research ensures college chemistry knowledge doesn’t get lost in translation.

Douglas Duncan and Israel Alvarado
Apr. 25, 2017

With limited options in Nevada for top-notch scientists, two UNLV grads welcome the high-tech jobs that the marijuana industry brought.

Nancy Washton
Mar. 23, 2017

Chemistry grad Nancy Washton aims to get more girls into science in STEM-focused #SitWithMe campaign.

artwork from Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery
Feb. 22, 2017

“Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery” shows the beauty of science and the artistic side of even the most lab-bound of scientists.

This slide of a Martian meteorite
Feb. 1, 2017

"Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery" brings College of Sciences together with UNLV Galleries for an exhibit of images and objects related to UNLV research.

cloesup of commencement cap and 2016 tassle
Dec. 15, 2016

Four newly minted grads will be recognized by UNLV President Len Jessup during Saturday's commencement for their academic and research excellence.

Katelyn DiBenedetto holds an arrowhead
Oct. 20, 2016

From finances to energy, health care, and more, UNLV graduate student researchers are asking important questions about America’s future.

Biochemistry professor Ron Gary
Sep. 2, 2016

Biochemist Ron Gary's enzyme research seeks to defeat cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Tony Alamo
May. 10, 2016

Dr. Antonio “Tony” Alamo, 2016 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year

Dr. Tony Alamo
Apr. 13, 2016

Dr. Tony Alamo’s wildly varied career started with a simple realization: He’d misdiagnosed UNLV.

Nemanja Novokovic
Mar. 2, 2016

A nearly native Las Vegan, Nemanja Novakovic had planned to leave Nevada when it came time for college. But that was before he discovered his academic dreams could be fulfilled at UNLV.

Kenneth Czerwinski works with students in lab
Feb. 16, 2016

Radiochemistry program teaming with universities, national labs for research and development in nuclear science and security; five-year grant funded by U.S. Department of Energy.

John Nguyen deals Show Pai
Jan. 5, 2016

Media coverage from 2015 highlighting research partnerships between UNLV and industry that support regional economic development.

Biochemistry professor David Hatchett in his lab
Dec. 1, 2015

Our high-tech marvels demand rare earth metals and oxides. UNLV researchers are working to make extracting them less toxic and more efficient.

U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Dec. 1, 2015

UNLV has reached a licensing agreement with Abel Therapeutics, a start-up company that seeks to commercialize the discoveries of biochemistry professor Ernesto Abel-Santos.

Nora Caberoy
Nov. 2, 2015

Three UNLV scientists will present their work during an Alzheimer's research symposium Nov. 13 on campus.

Bryan Spangelo works in lab
Jan. 26, 2015

UNLV researcher patents a chemotherapy compound that uses a heavy metal derivative to improve cancer treatment.

Oct. 9, 2014
New supercomputer adds a jolt to UNLV research programs. Find out more about some of the projects that will be tapping into the system's processing power.
Apr. 17, 2014

Chemistry professor developing treatment to help the good bacteria battle the bad bacteria in your stomach.

Apr. 15, 2014

Chemistry professors' research aims to improve drugs that are effective at treating cancer but leave patients dealing with terrible side effects.

Portrait of Ernesto Abel-Santos
Nov. 1, 2013

UNLV faculty discoveries have commercial applications with value to the university, the private sector, and, ultimately, you. Learn about UNLV chemistry professor Ernesto Abel-Santos, who is working to move his innovative thinking out of the laboratory and into the boardroom.

Jul. 2, 2013

UNLV's scientists make discoveries and share their findings in prestigious journals. But then what?

Jun. 27, 2013
Physical chemist receives the highest honor the university bestows on faculty members.
Nov. 28, 2012
Two Millennium Scholars make their marks in the College of Sciences.
Portrait of Dong-Chan Lee
Nov. 1, 2012

Meet Dong-Chan Lee, one of several UNLV recipients of the National Science Foundation’s prestigious CAREER Award, the highly competitive grant designed to establish leadership in education and research.

Oct. 8, 2012
When a local businessman stumbled upon a new design for whiskey glasses, he turned to experts in the chemistry department for an explanation.
Sep. 20, 2012

Inspired by loved ones’ battles with cancer and intrigued by the mysteries locked within the cells of humans, Hui Zhang hopes to one day make medical history.

Aug. 6, 2012
Media coverage highlights ways UNLV is helping Nevada students succeed in 2012.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Jul. 10, 2012
Radiochemistry student Edward Mausolf honored by DOE for investigating a radioactive byproduct of nuclear energy.
Apr. 13, 2012

UNLV employees recently were honored at the 2012 Academic Recognition Ceremony with systemwide and universitywide awards for notable research, teaching, and service.

U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Jun. 7, 2011
Innovative Professional Development Partnership Seeks to Boost Science Content Knowledge in Teachers and Improve Student Achievement
UNLV signpost
Nov. 12, 2010

UNLV research teams were awarded $1.4 million to advance nuclear energy sciences.

Jun. 9, 2010

Professors in a wide range of disciplines captured top teaching honors at the end of spring semester.

Jun. 4, 2010
A number of UNLV professors receive systemwide and universitywide awards for notable research and creative activities.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
May. 21, 2010
Two UNLV Research Teams Receive Funding as Part of DOE’s Nuclear Energy University Program; UNLV One of Only 23 Universities Selected
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Dec. 11, 2009
Kerkorian, Molasky to be Awarded Honorary Doctorates; Ceremony Available Live Online for First Time
solar array
Jul. 22, 2009

UNLV is going big and thinking small as it moves to the forefront of solar energy research. The UNLV Center for Energy Research has installed the world’s most powerful solar energy generator while a UNLV chemist is working to expand solar cell technology.

U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Nov. 1, 2008

Designed to encourage faculty collaboration and acquisition of external grant funding, the President’s Research Award has also sparked intriguing research projects on subjects ranging from nanotechnology to volcanoes.

Clemens Heske
Nov. 1, 2006

Hydrogen may be the fuel of the future, but myriad research challenges must be addressed before its potential is realized. UNLV science and engineering faculty are leading the effort to harness the power of nature’s most abundant element


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