Advanced Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies

The Department of Educational and Clinical Studies offers Advanced Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies. The certificate program is designed for individuals already holding master’s degrees in counseling who are seeking to enhance their professional counseling practice and licensure options.

The Advanced Graduate Certificate in Addictions Studies meets the needs of health professionals such as marriage and family therapists, community counselors, rehabilitation counselors, school counselors, physicians, psychologists, social workers, and behavioral health therapists by providing graduate addiction training to help them address client needs.

Faculty members in the Department of Educational and Clinical Studies endeavor to promote excellence in counselor education and counseling research. Our graduate counseling programs prepare students to:

  1. Serve as professional counselors, advocates, and leaders who maximize opportunities for individuals, groups, and communities with a particular emphasis on helping underserved and oppressed client populations;
  2. Address developmental, academic, career, mental health, socio-cultural, and wellness needs of clients seeking counseling;
  3. Help individuals, groups and communities strive to find meaning, involvement, worth, and dignity in their lives;
  4. Engage in action research and program evaluations to further the knowledge base and best practice initiatives of the counseling profession; and
  5. Advocate with local, state, and national organizations to promote client and societal wellbeing.

Graduate Catalog

The graduate catalog is the official repository of the graduate program requirements, and Graduate College policies.

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