Graduate Admissions

Thanks for your interest in the Civil & Environmental ​Engineering and Construction Program at UNLV.

The UNLV Graduate College is in charge of all applications processing and evaluation. You should follow the UNLV Graduate College procedures. ​Documents required by the Graduate College for admission are provided in the Future Students webpage.

Documents required by the department of civil and environmental engineering and construction

  1. One official transcript from each post-secondary institution attended. Only transcripts sent directly from the institution are considered.
  2. Letters of recommendation ​written in letterhead with signature (two for M.S. and three for Ph.D. applicants).​ The letter should be scanned and uploaded in the system as a pdf file.
  3. ​No more than two-page ​Statement ​of Intent (SOI) indicating the reasons why you wish to earn a M.S. or Ph.D. degree.
  4. GRE General test scores taken in the last five years (combined verbal and quantitative GRE score of at least 300 on the new test and GRE analytical writing score of at least 3).

You may also apply for assistantship, which is separate from the application for admission to our graduate program. Applications for assistantship are evaluated separately from applications for admission. Offers of teaching assistantships (TAs) are made by the department chair and depend upon availability of funds and merit. Research assistantships (RAs) are offered by faculty who have funded research projects. Admission to the graduate program does not mean that an assistantship will be offered by default.

Applicants should notice that all documents must be uploaded or mailed to the Graduate College.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring Semester: August 30 for international students and November 15 for domestic students
  • Fall Semester: March 15 for international students and June 15 for domestic students

Additional Useful Information Regarding Admission

The process of admission to the civil and environmental engineering and construction graduate program (MSCM, MSE, MST, and PhD) and the deadlines are described in the Graduate Catalog (available on the website) in the section on Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction. Please follow the process for proper and timely evaluation of your application for admission. No potential applicant is evaluated based on resume (CV) or email communications. The application process identified in the Graduate Catalog is the only route to be evaluated and considered for admission.

Graduate College Admissions