Graduate Programs

About the Program

Students with backgrounds in civil engineering as well as related disciplines are invited to apply. Students with science backgrounds desiring admission to the graduate program will be required to complete course work, prerequisite or otherwise, that will assure successful completion of the graduate program. Specific course work requirements will depend on the area of specialization desired by the applicant. Applicants must identify a specialization from one of the following areas: environmental, fluids/ hydraulics, geotechnical, structural, systems, or transportation.

Financial aid in the form of Research assistantships (RAs) and Graduate Assistantships (GAs) are available on a competitive basis. Typically, only students with very high GPA and GRE scores are awarded financial support for their graduate studies. Students must apply for admission to be considered for financial aid. Applications from international students must reach the Graduate College by the dates specified in the catalog in order to be considered for financial aid. Offers of financial aid are made in writing by the department, which assumes no responsibility to provide financial support unless an offer is made in writing. Also, when the department has made an offer to provide financial support, it has no obligation to honor the offer unless the student attends UNLV and enrolls in the Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate program during the initial semester for which financial aid was offered.

Graduate Faculty

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