Spring 2020 Payment Plan Balances

Effective March 13, 2020, all remaining payment plan balances are now due on the last day of the semester, May 16, 2020.  Please note that although remaining balances are now due on the last day of the semester, the due date showing on the installments will not be updated as this would require cancelling and re-enrolling payment plans.  However, rest assured that late fees will not be assessed on remaining spring installments and balances will not result in past-due consequences unless still unpaid following the end of the term.

Spring 2020 Charges Due to Change in Instruction Method

Please note that although all in- person courses have transitioned to remote instruction beginning March 23, 2020, course fees are not subject to adjustment as instruction will continue for the remainder of the term. For additional information about UNLV’s fees and refund policy, please visit the following page.

For assistance with financial aid, or to discuss the availability of emergency loan assistance, please contact Financial Aid and Scholarships at 833-318-1228.

We understand that you may have concerns regarding the transition to remote instruction and need some assistance.  For the most up to date information, please refer to the UNLV Coronavirus Updates website which contains information to assist students and for parents with questions and contacts for assistance with the transition to remote instruction, access to mobile technology, and other support resources for online instruction.

Academic Advising centers are available to remotely meet with students through phone and web appointments, as their physical offices are not currently open.  Please contact your advising center via phone or email. Contact information can be found at this page.

We remain committed and available to support you as the Spring semester continues under remote instruction and operations.