Jobs and Internships

Handshake and UNLV Career Services

Both current UNLV students and UNLV alumni have 24/7 access to an online recruiting system designed specifically for you, called Handshake. Within Handshake, you are able to manage your profile and search through a variety of job and internships postings for all industries. To access Handshake, click here (link to Handshake login page). For questions or concerns, please access the Handshake resources for students and alumni.

Getting set up on Handshake as a student is easy! Our system will automatically upload your student information to initially set up your student account. Once your student information is uploaded to the system, you will receive a notification via an email to your RebelMail account.

Please do not request a student account.

Student and Alumni Login

The Job Search

Starting a job search can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure what kinds of jobs you’re interested in. Make a list of your career interests and skills, as well as any geographic areas that interest you. The key to starting your job search is to limit your search by eliminating jobs, tasks, and locations that don’t interest you while still making a broad job search possible. It is also important to note that no one job search resource captures all the jobs or internships that are available to you.

As you begin to explore potential careers employers, be sure you to utilize the informative resources available to you through the UNLV Libraries by visiting their Career Resources Guide.

Additionally, our career counselors are here to assist you with getting on the right track with your job search. Remember that your first job out of college is just the beginning of your career journey.



Internships are designed to connect your classroom experiences to the real world through hands-on projects and mentoring relationships. Not only does an internship provide you with a great experience to put on your resume, it also provides you the opportunity to learn what career, industry, or company might be the best fit for you.

Each academic department at UNLV may have their own criteria for approving internships and awarding credit. Academic credit internships are most often appropriate for upper-level students who are seeking an experience closely connected to their major. Students are not typically permitted to enroll in credit internships outside of their majors. Be sure to contact your academic advisor to verify your program’s requirements.

If your program does not offer an internship course, or if you would like to discuss the internship process further, please feel free to make an appointment with our internship coordinator.

Effective Networking

There is more to networking than simply informing everyone you know that you are looking for a job. Strive to develop a plan for how you will market your qualifications and aspirations and consider what methods will be most effective in connecting you with the right people.

Some of the best venues for reaching employers are job fairs and events Career Services hosts throughout the year right here on campus. Check out the Events Calendar to view upcoming opportunities.

In your job search, networking is:

Talking to people who know you, are familiar with what you want to do, and can provide information to help you progress toward your goal.

Connecting with people who are employed in your field of interest and can share inside information on what the job field is really like.

Contacting individuals within organizations for which you believe you would like to work and learning about the culture and hiring process.

Getting the inside track on a job that has not yet been advertised.