Rebel Resolutions

At the start of each spring semester, Campus Rec hosts Rebel Resolutions to help hold you accountable to your New Year’s health and fitness goals. It is a 3 week long program designed to keep you motivated and focused on reaching your fitness and lifestyle goals. Start the semester strong and make this your best year yet!

What is it?

Rebel Resolutions is a free 3 week wellness program designed to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals. Throughout the 3 weeks you have the option to complete a personally designed workout plan, go to group fitness classes, attend workshops, or all the above. Upon completion, each individual will be entered into an opportunity drawing to win Rebel Cash of $25! We have a total of 6 for you to win!

How do I Register/Participate?

Register using the following link:

Once you have completed the form, you will be registered and receive additional information regarding workout plans, workshops, and more!

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Where do I get my punch card?

You can get your punch card at the following locations:

  • the first group fitness class you take (all of our instructors will have them available).
  • the first workshop you attend.
  • the RWZ (Rebel Wellness Zone) located on the second floor of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

Participation Options

  1. Come to a group fitness class and at the end ask the instructor to initial a circle on the punch card. Each completed row will earn you one ticket for a prize drawing.
  2. Attend workshops that we will be offering throughout the 3 week program. Every workshop you attend will award you three tickets for prize drawings.

Where do I turn in my punch card/ collect my tickets?

Your punch card can be turned in at the RWZ where you will also collect your tickets. This can be done anytime during the 3 week program. The desk attendant will give you your tickets which you can keep or insert into an opportunity box.

Exclusive Workout Plans

Once you register, you will also have unlimited access to Level 1 and Level 2 workouts that can be performed at the gym. Only those who register will have access to these workout plans.


Sarah Repman
Program Coordinator for Group Fitness

Nataly Arellano Rodriguez
Graduate Assistant for Group Fitness