Cardio Strength


Come ready to sweat! The primary focus of HIIT is short, intense bouts of exercise. HIIT combines many modes of training to confuse the muscles and help you break through plateaus and boost your energy. Sessions will enhance muscular strength and definition while maximizing caloric expenditure. Take your fitness to the next level!

HIIT Circuit

Come get the most effective full body workout that can be fully customized to all fitness levels. The class is set up with 2 minute intervals at stations around the room using an array of equipment - free weights, body bars, stability balls, BOSU balls, resistance bands, medicine balls and more!


Maximize your potential with high intensity, challenging and dynamic movement. Bootcamp will challenge you to push your limits and exceed your expectations. A class made for anyone wanting to improve cardiovascular endurance, strength, and agility. Get ready to give it your all! All levels encouraged!

Booty Bootcamp

Booty Bootcamp is a class where you can build nice/firm glutes and give your body balance by strengthening your core, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

Low Impact

Shallow/deep water HIIT

This class is designed for all fitness levels incorporating High Intensity Interval Training in both the shallow water and deep water (with the use of a belt). The water will challenge and improve your cardiovascular endurance, motor skills, and balance in a motivational and fun environment. This is not your "mother's" water class!