The surrounding desert landscape provides our students and faculty the opportunity for hands-on interaction and groundbreaking discoveries, including life sciences students observing samplings of the springs at Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge to geologist Stephen Rowland’s discovery of 28 footprints left behind by a reptile-like creature 310 million years ago — the oldest ever to be found in Grand Canyon National Park.

Manakacha trackway March 2018 (46).JPG
Aug. 25, 2020

UNLV geologist investigating 310 million-year-old fossil trackway from ancient reptilian creature.

A man walks through weeds
Oct. 29, 2019

UNLV’s reintroduction effort keeps leopard frog species off the endangered list.

hands holding bottle and applicator over fossil
May. 14, 2019

UNLV geoscientist, student among international research team behind discovery of ancient monkey species that lived in Africa 22 million years ago.

Oct. 17, 2018

Scholarship fuels research that could save communities from floods.

Students examine flasks of fluid.
Sep. 21, 2017

UNLV welcomes inaugural SEA-Phages class, a two-semester, discovery-based undergraduate research course.

Ka-Voka Jackson is working to restore native plants in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. (Courtesy Photo)
Jun. 13, 2017

Native American master's student Ka-Voka Jackson is working to protect the environment and preserve her Hualapai culture.

Solar panels in the Eldorado Valley
May. 25, 2017

Researchers investigate the environmental footprint of solar facilities to guide future design.