Student Outreach


The Lied Institute's Mentor Program offers a unique opportunity to guide interested students toward careers in real estate. For one semester, a mentor is paired with a UNLV student who has expressed an interest in a mentor's professional area. Students are expected to learn what their mentor's job entails, enabling them to be better prepared in making decision about future employment in the fields of real estate. Further, students are expected to synergize and enhance "in-class" learning experiences with their mentor's day-to-day operations. For more information about becoming a mentee or mentor, please contact Shelby Dunscomb at 702-895-4492.

Career Exploration Day

The Lied Institutes host career exploration days were students are invited to meet experts in real estate brokerage, property management, corporate and institutional real estate, development, redevelopment, foreclosure, laws, zoning, and government policy. These exploration days are designed to educate students about different real estate careers and their professional requirements.