Career Related Questions

What kinds of services can I obtain from Career and Professional Development?

Aside from the usual resume, interview, and job etiquette help. The Lee Business School Career and Professional Development Office will also supply you with the strategies and tactics needed in selecting the most beneficial career path available to each student. We also supply students with effective ways for conducting job searches, as well as providing access to career databases and updated job postings.

How do I look for a job and how can Career and Professional Development help me?

Job searching can be done in two ways: online and through networking. Career and Professional Development helps students by providing two handy search engines, UNLV CareerLink and CareerShift, which not only supplies users with updated content but also offers unique tools to aid you on your search. Along with these two databases, we also emails job postings to all eligible students in the Lee Business School.

Does getting an internship matter?

In a survey out from Marketplace and The Chronicle of Higher Education, employers said what matters most to them actually happens outside the classroom. "Internships came back as the most important thing that employers look for when evaluating a recent college graduate," says Dan Berrett, senior reporter at the Chronicle. "More important than where they went to college, the major they pursued, and even their grade point average."

How do I get an internship?

Similar to job searching, obtaining an internship comes from either online search or through networking. Internships can be either for-credit or not for credit. If seeking a paid, not-for-credit position, you can search UNLV CareerLink, CareerShift and check the Lee Business School Career and Professional Development Job Postings. If you are seeking an internship for academic credit and you may want to first meet with your department's internship coordinator to discuss criteria, possible positions, etc. You may also investigate positions on your own, but the position must be approved by the internship coordinator for your major if you wish to receive academic credit.

I am an international student. Can I work?

Each student's situation is different, so it is very important to coordinate with the Office of International Students and Scholars (on the third floor of SSC-A on the UNLV campus). There you can get more information about your work status in relation to your visa.

Why do I need to have work experience?

Work experience helps you in transitioning to employment after graduation. It also gives you an opportunity to try out different aspects of businesses while also giving you a great chance to build your network.

How do I get work experience?

Opportunities for work experience hours can be obtained through online job searching or networking (see "How do I look for a job and how can Career and Professional Development help me?" above for additional information.)

The job search process can take so long. Why is that?

Searching for jobs is competitive and requires much effort. Employers have many options when it comes to who they hire. Therefore, it can take some time before they even start interviewing candidates. Certain employers also have to run extensive background checks on prospective employees. All of these factors play into the timeframe of the job search.

I am having a tough time finding a job. What can you recommend?

We recommend you attend as many networking events as possible with our office and in the community. Applicants often focus solely on applying online, which only utilizes a portion of the available resources and strategies available to you. We also recommend using all of the databases you can find such as CareerLink and CareerShift, as well as being mindful of the job postings in your rebelmail. This can also be a circumstantial issue based on your individual situation, therefore we recommend you stop by our office or schedule an appointment with us (BEH 239 or email us at

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