Career Related Questions

Coronavirus-related Questions

Should I keep applying for jobs and internships?

Yes! While many companies may have elected to freeze hiring, many seems optimistic that the freeze is short term and temporary. LEE's Career & Professional Development Office is proactively reaching out to employers to confirm job/internship availability. If you see information from our office about job openings, please know that we have confirmed that these positions are still being recruited for and the employers are actively seeking applicants.

What are some resources I can use right now to develop some additional skills in my extra time?

If you are currently seeking a job/internship, we recommend that you schedule an appointment for a mock interview with one of our team members through Handshake. We can accommodate requests for a mock interview by phone or video. In addition, if you want to update your career documents (resume/cover letter) or learn more about career-related issues like how to conduct an informational interview, there are guides in Handshake that are great self-help resources that can be of great benefit to you. You can also develop new skills using LinkedIn Learning, which offers a wide variety of certifications.

Can I still have my resume reviewed?

Yes! You can submit your resume to us via email at for review at any time. Our team is working regular business hours and can usually deliver feedback within 24 hours.

Where can I find resume examples?

Handshake has a variety of resume examples for business students.

How do I prepare for an AI Interview?

We have added an AI Interview Guide to Handshake. Check it out! Also, you can schedule a coaching appointment with one of our team members to discuss AI interview strategies.

Can I still schedule a mock interview?

Yes; we are offering students the opportunity to do mock interviews via telephone and video. Simply log into your Handshake account and make an appointment to conduct a mock interview.

I’m graduating this semester, will I be able to find a job?

The job market is going to be tight, especially in Las Vegas. While this is an evolving situation, the best advice to follow is to broaden your job search parameters. Consider extending your geographic area for potential jobs, add additional industries, and consider jobs that are related to your interests even if they don't seem like a 100% match to what you are looking for; you never know when a position might be the perfect fit! We strongly recommend that you schedule a coaching appointment with one of our team members to discuss search strategies specific for your situation. We are actively reaching out to alumni and employers to mine for job opportunities for our spring graduates and will continue to do so through the summer.

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Appointments are available Monday-Thursday by appointment and are scheduled via Handshake.


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