Under proper conditions, work experience can have appropriate learning experiences of academic value. Therefore, internships can be an excellent way to discover what you like about your field of study and what you do not.

Business internships are to be viewed as opportunities, which may be given at the option of the faculty member and the Lee Business School. There is no intent that internships be routinely offered to any student who so desires one. Faculty may wish to view the internship as an opportunity for unusually mature and perceptive students to enhance their university training by participating in a work experience containing exposure to managerial situations and/or decisions.

In no case may a student receive internship credit for routine work. The work experience must be related to the subject matter currently taught in the Lee Business School and respective academic department.

Internship credit for a full-time job can be given only when the organization and/or a UNLV faculty member initiate the internship. In general, internships will be approved only for work experiences that are believed to make a significant contribution to the students academic and career preparation. Credit will not ordinarily be approved for part-time or full-time jobs students usually take to support themselves while going to school. Some exceptions are made if the work experience meets all the requirements specified in other portions of this policy statement.

As a general rule, a full-time professional shall supervise the work of the intern. Internship credit will be granted appropriate to the experience. A minimum of 50 hours of work experience will be required for each academic credit hour earned. Therefore, a student must work at least 150 hours for a three-credit internship.


While some majors have specific prerequisites for internship courses, generally the minimum college requirements are:

  • admission to major for which the internship is requested,
  • a 3.0 GPA or higher,
  • senior standing, and
  • completion of nine credit hours within the major.

The Process and Paperwork

Arrangements for the internship must be made in advance and approved by an academic advisor, the internship coordinator (see the list below), department chair and the dean. Most internship courses are offered only on a satisfactory/fail-grading basis and are considered to be a major elective.

If you are eligible for an internship course, you may want to first meet with your department's internship coordinator to discuss possible positions about which she or he may know. You may also investigate positions on your own and ask the coordinator about its potential use as an internship course. You would then need to apply and interview with the potential employer.

You will need to complete an internship application and any additional forms your academic department may require. Applications are available in the Undergraduate Advising Center, BEH 100.

Internship Coordinators by Department

Accounting Department, BEH 415

Danny Sicilano

Economics Department, BEH 508

Dr. Bill Robinson

Real Estate Internships, BEH 530

Vivek Sah

Finance Department, BEH 514

Andrew Zhang

Management Entrepreneurship and Technology Department, BEH 319

Management Internships:
Dr. Jerry Chang

Management Information Systems Internships:
Dr. Jerry Chang

Marketing and International Business Department, BEH 416

Marketing Internships:
Dr. Michael Mejza

International Business Internships:
Dr. Michael Mejza