BUSPRE Students

  1. Begin math and English courses early. These courses are prerequisites for pre-major courses.
  2. Select pre-major courses. These courses are a priority since they are required for admission to the major.
    • ACC 201, Financial Accounting
    • ACC 202, Managerial Accounting
    • COM 101, Oral Communication
    • ECON 102, Principles of Microeconomics
    • ECON 103, Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ECON 261, Principles of Statistics, I
    • ENG 102, Composition II
    • Select one: MATH 127/128/132/176/181/182
    • Computer requirement/proficiency (IS 101 or approved equivalent)
  3. Select university core courses. When possible, select courses that fulfill both university core and the multicultural/international requirements.
  4. International Business majors began language courses immediately, in order to be eligible for the required 300-level language courses during the junior year.

Upper Division Courses

Generally, upper division course may be completed in four regular semesters (with a full time course load). Once you have been admitted into the upper division level and selected a major it is critical to plan your upper division business courses by reviewing the prerequisites for each course.

It is strongly suggested that you attend a 30 minute advising appointment to review your graduation plan prior to your final semester.

Transfer Course Evaluation

You may check the Transfer Equivalence Table to determine if a course has been transferred to UNLV and if that course is degree-applicable. If you do not see a specific course listed, you may be asked by your advisor to submit course syllabi or course descriptions for review.

When submitting course syllabi (preferred) or course descriptions:

  • The course number, title, credits, semester completed must match the information on your transcript
  • Include a school identifier (college name, URL, copy of catalog cover)
  • Write your name and student L# or SS# on each syllabi and course description.
  • Identify the courses you believe to be the UNLV equivalent
  • You may call the Undergraduate Advising Office 7 to 10 business days after you submit the paperwork to check the status of the decision

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