Position Control - Hyperion

Effective 07/01/12 (FY13) Position Budget Inventories will be managed in the Hyperion Budget and Planning application.

Hyperion was implemented as a replacement for UNLV's home grown Position Control System. It is used to track the number of positions at UNLV as well as the funding source and budgeted amount for each position.

The Hyperion system tracks all full and part-time positions within UNLV by position number (PN). Each Professional and Classified position has a unique position number (PN) and can be filled with a single employee. Pooled positions can be filled with more than one employee. All positions are assigned to a specific funding source and budget. The correct PN and budgeted Account Number must be used on all employment documents.

If you have questions regarding position inventories and Hyperion, please contact Erin Messer at 702-895-2924.