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Brookings Scholar: Clifford Winston

UNLV Faculty: Professor Pushkin Kachroo, Director, Transportation Research Center

Graduate Student: Neveen Shlayan

Project: Analysis, Modeling and Design for Traffic Incident Management Systems

We are trying to combine economics and engineering to assess the potential efficiency of a technological improvement, which makes use of sound economic principles, and then consider the best institutional arrangements that will lead to the technological improvement. First, we have to determine an appropriate performance measure for incident management. Then we will identify a technological improvement that could significantly reduce this delay — or better yet, optimize it. The goal of our research would be to quantify that finding, determine the delay savings, and place an economic value on those savings. Finally, we would assess the institutional arrangements that could lead to one agency managing incidents. We will correctly characterize the technology (the role of the engineer), determine the optimal characteristics of that technology accounting for economic efficiency (engineering and economics), and the environment that will provide the correct incentives for decision makers to implement the optimal technology.

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