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Brookings Scholar: Ron Haskins

UNLV Faculty: Denise Tanata Ashby, Sylvia Lazos, and others

Projects: Child Care

  1. Clark County Assistant District Attorney Teresa Lowry is in charge of the Clark County child support enforcement program and one of her assistants is someone I had worked with in Wisconsin. I provided an evaluation paper about a Texas program that has been successful in helping fathers who owe child support find work. As a result of the increased employment, child support payments increased and there was a significant decline in welfare use by the mothers receiving the additional child support payments. D.A. Lowry and her staff (including her research director) are interested in the program and want to consider adopting a variant of the program in Clark County. I am helping them make arrangements to talk with officials who run the Texas program and have obtained assurances from the person who runs the Texas Workforce Commission that they will do everything they can to cooperate with Clark County officials. One of the possibilities we discussed is that one or two members of Lowry s staff could visit the Texas program so they see it in operation and ask lots of questions. If such a visit takes place, I will try to join them, probably in Austin.
  2. I serve as co-editor for a journal, The Future of Children, published by Brookings and Princeton University. In 2011, the volume will focus on immigrant children. We agreed to attempt a jointly sponsored public event in Las Vegas when the journal is published. A possible event format would include a presentation by a well-known scholar who contributed to the journal that would paint the national picture of how well immigrant children are doing (not well) and UNLV colleagues would present the picture for Las Vegas (even worse). They are also hoping to write a background paper that would be released at the event. If we can get all the details worked out (I am conferring with the other editors); we also need funding for transportation and other expenses associated with the event), we would hold the event early next spring when the journal issue is published.
  3. Denise Tanata Ashby, a UNLV researcher, arranged an interesting meeting with about 30 stakeholders in preschool programs led by the United Way. We had a lively discussion, in which Lindy Schumacher participated. I plan to call Lindy about a wonderful preschool program in Minnesota that might fit well into what the United Way is doing. If she agrees, I would follow her advice in setting up another meeting to discuss the Minnesota program and possible ways of working together with the Minnesota officials. The originators of the Minnesota program have expressed interest in meeting with people in Las Vegas to explain their program and talk about how it might be adapted to Las Vegas.
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