Press Releases


  • UNLV and the Brookings Institution announce renewal of Brookings Mountain West


  • Study: Analyzing a Federal Welfare Program: How well did the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program respond to the Great Recession? UNLV and Brookings Institution researchers take unique approach to the analysis

  • Pat Mulroy to Be Named Senior Fellow at UNLV's Brookings Mountain West

  • Report Rates How Well Southern Nevada Legislators Advanced Regional Priorities During 2013 Session


  • Report: Latino Unemployment in Nevada Surged During Great Recession, Hasn't Kept Pace with Recovery


  • "A High Stakes Gamble in North Las Vegas," by Tony Allen

  • Mountain Monitor: Housing, Jobs Key Las Vegas' Struggle to Rebound from Recession


  • New UNLV Brookings Minor in Public Policy Links Students To Nation's Premier Think Tank

  • UNLV, Brookings Investigate Effect of Recession on Cash Assistance Programs


  • Brookings Scholar Lecture: "First Thing We Do, Let's Deregulate All the Lawyers," by Clifford Winston

  • Brookings Scholar Lecture: "The Recent Migration Slowdown and America's Changing Regional Demographics," by Bill Frey

  • Brookings Scholar Lecture: - "Creating an Opportunity Society," by Ron Haskins

  • Brookings Scholars Lecture Jan. 26: Comparing Urban Growth Patterns in the U.S and Europe


  • Brookings: Intermountain Region Disproportionally Affected by Recession; Recovery Spotty

  • Brookings Scholars Lecture Nov. 30: The Politics and Diplomacy of Climate Change

  • Brookings Scholars Series at UNLV Brings National Insight on Key Regional Issues

  • UNLV and the Brookings Institution Announce the Brookings Mountain West Initiative