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  • Sep. 23, 2016 to Jan. 14, 2017

    Edward Burtynsky - Oil

    Edward Burtynsky: Oil, an exhibition featuring more than 50 large-scale color landscape photographs by Canadian artist Edward Burtynsky, will be on view at the Marjorie Barrick Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 23 - January 14. The exhibition surveys a decade of Burtynsky’s photographic imagery, exploring different aspects of the modern world’s most transformative resource, oil. ...
  • Sep. 2, 2016 to Dec. 16, 2016

    In Transition: Female Figurines from the Michael C. and Mannetta Braunstein Collection

    As one of the most commonly found objects from the pre- Hispanic era, figurines bring us closer to understanding the cultures of Mesoamerica, South America, and Central America. The small-scale of these objects triggers memory and personal engagement. Figurines are uniquely suited to embody personal powers, histories, accomplishments, and losses, and represent the people that created them. These...
  • Aug. 26, 2016 to Dec. 16, 2016
    Art pieces.

    Showing the Need for Connection

    Today, in our media-drenched life of Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, emails, etc., the need for the human connection is of dire importance. The installation currently set up in the Barrick Museum’s Teaching Gallery encourages museum visitors to find and explore parallels and points of connection not only between art objects but also to reflect on the time periods from which these items were...
  • May. 20, 2016 to Sep. 9, 2016
    FIVE Artwork


    FIVE features paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, and photographs from contemporary artists Deborah Aschheim, Erin Cosgrove, Lucky DeBellevue, Ash Ferlito, and David Gilbert. Materiality, attitude, and wit tie their work together, as well as their past participation in the ongoing UNLV Artist-in-Residence Program. Every Saturday at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. until Sept. 10 the Barrick Museum...
  • Feb. 12, 2016 to May. 14, 2016
    Colored bands

    Ellsworth Kelly

    "Ellsworth Kelly" an exhibition organized by Michele C. Quinn will be on display in the Barrick's Inner Gallery February 12 - May 14. The works on view are generously on loan from Gemini G.E.L and several Las Vegas collectors. A collection of more than 20 print editions by renowned artist Ellsworth Kelly (1923 - 2015), has been organized by Michele C. Quinn for this exhibition. Kelly was an...
  • Feb. 12, 2016 to Apr. 29, 2016
    Rectangular geometric image in black and white

    Unseen Selections from LVAM

    Unseen Selections draws from the Las Vegas Art Museum Collection and includes works that have been on long-term loan to The Smith Center. This exhibition includes works by Frank Stella, Robert Motherwell, Roy Lichtenstein, Red Grooms, Billy Al Bengston, Tim Bavington, Shawn Hummel, and David Ryan. In 2012 the Las Vegas Art Museum (LVAM) collection moved to the Barrick...
  • Jan. 19, 2016 to Apr. 28, 2016
    Teaching Gallery Collage

    Teaching Gallery Staff Picks

    Our Favorites - Ever wonder what pieces from the collection the folks who spend all day at the museum treasure most? This exhibition features pieces from the Barrick Cultural Collection, the Barrick Art Collection, and the Las Vegas Art Museum Collection. Each object was hand-selected by staff members who want to share them with you.  Each staff member selected two pieces and...
  • Oct. 23, 2015 to Jan. 23, 2016
    Kveck, Russ, and Stellmon: Break Ups and Tear Downs

    Break Ups & Tear Downs

    Wendy Kveck, JK Russ and Erin Stellmon will fill the Marjorie Barrick Museum with an exhibition of their art. These three Las Vegas artists offer unique bodies of work that spring from a common practice of breaking down their subject, then reorganizing and reordering the pieces. The results, whether paintings, collages, photographs or constructions, are stunning and thoughtful revisualizations of...
  • Jul. 24, 2015 to Aug. 31, 2015
    Glass sculpture

    Style Moderne: Art Glass from the Ruth and Mel Wolzinger Collection

    This exhibition presents a rich selection of glass objects from the Barrick Museum’s Art Glass Collection, including objects by Tiffany, Quezal, Steuben, Loetz, and Daum Nancy. The collection was built by Ruth Wolzinger, an avid fan and collector of art glass, over the course of 30+ years. She gave the collection to UNLV in 1995 to ensure that this unique art form would be preserved, appreciated...
  • Jun. 19, 2015 to Oct. 15, 2015
    Glowing circle artwork

    Recent Acquisitions

    This exhibition brings together recently acquired works to the Barrick Museum and Las Vegas Art Museum collections. Many of the artists included in Recent Acquisitions have ties to the greater Las Vegas valley, helping to form the foundation of a heritage collection of works created in and inspired by the Southern Nevada region. As a cross section of the diverse practices pursued by contemporary...
  • Jun. 19, 2015 to Sep. 30, 2015

    The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection

    Beginning in 1962, New York postal clerk, Herbert Vogel, and his librarian wife, Dorothy, began collecting contemporary works of art. The couple dedicated all of Herb's salary to buying art, and in a few decades had amassed a collection encompassing some 4,000 works. Today, these works form one of the most remarkable collections of contemporary art in America. Motivated by the desire to share...
  • Apr. 27, 2015 to May. 20, 2015
    Exhibit Photo

    David Sanchez Burr: Citizen Speak

    The Neon Museum inaugurates it's Artist-in-Residence program with Las Vegas-based artist David Sanchez Burr (UNLV MFA '09). His work, titled citizen speak, will be built and exhibited in the Neon Museum’s North Gallery on April 18 and 19, before being transferred to the Barrick Museum. A partnership between the Neon Museum and the Barrick Museum, the residency calls for artist-parents to create...
  • Mar. 20, 2015 to Jun. 6, 2015
    black and white rose garden drawing

    Deborah Aschheim: Kennedy Obsession

    Aschheim, noted for her installations, brings to the museum a new series of drawings. The drawings, made from photographs found at historical archives, are of people responding to the presence and loss of President John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. The drawings are intended to reveal viewer’s memories of the past to help understand the present. Aschheim will serve as Artist-in-Residence for...
  • Mar. 20, 2015 to Jun. 6, 2015
    Closeup of artwork

    John Millei: If 6 Turned Out To Be 9, Selected Work

    The UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum is pleased to host an exhibition of recent works by Southern California painter John Millei. Millei has an extensive history of solo exhibitions and has shown in the past with Gerhard Richter, Helmut Federle and Helmut Dorner.  He has collaborated on two occasions with the late poet Robert Creeley and his work is documented in two shorts by Full Figured...
  • Dec. 10, 2014 to Feb. 27, 2015

    Reflecting & Projecting: 20 Years of Design Excellence

    Although all of us spend the majority of our lives in and around buildings, few stop to think about why we like certain spaces. What goes into designing great buildings? What kind of physical world do we want to live in? What people, processes, tools and ideas allow us to give form to our aspirations? Everyday our values, ideas and aspirations influence the things we build and the environments we...