Collecting Policy

  1. The UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art will collect objects within the range of interest as defined in its mission statement. Active collecting will be directed toward those objects that best illustrate man in the American Southwestern and the Americas.
  2. Donation of worthwhile objects by individuals and groups is encouraged. Such gifts are deductible from income tax under federal income tax laws. Donations become the sole property of the museum — to be retained and used or deaccessioned to make way for more suitable objects at the program director's discretion. Monies realized on objects disposed of by the sale will be placed in an account for the purchase of appropriate objects for the collection. The museum will not guarantee to exhibit any objects acquired for the permanent collections. Objects not exhibited will be placed in the collection or used in educational programs.
  3. Loans of objects to the museum are to be discouraged. Exceptions may be made if objects are of particular importance to the museum. Loans unclaimed after proper notice become museum property automatically. Lenders are to be encouraged to provide for the museum acquisition of loaned objects in the event of their demise.
  4. The gauge for determining acceptance and retention of any item is to be that item's importance and relevance to the stated scope and purpose of the museum.
  5. The registration system is to be followed in promptly recording all objects added to the collection.