Included Services

ATS offers coordinated management and support for special projects. Project management services include:

  • Identifying projects with reasonable expectations that serve university needs
  • Developing project scope as well as milestones, action items, and deliverables
  • Identifying and tracking project milestones and action items, to support successful project timelines, deliverables, and outcomes
  • Collecting data and report on project resources and stakeholder allocations
  • Creating agendas that track decisions, upcoming action items, decisions, discussions, and project changes
  • Providing access to reporting for project timelines, budgets, resource allocations (estimates), etc.


Work is considered a project if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. It requires more than 120-hours of work for a single person
  2. If procurement includes trackable services or meets competitive thresholds
  3. It requires collaboration
  4. It meets a mandate (e.g. such as a UNLV board of regents mandate) 

Please see the Purchasing & Contracts website for more information about competitive thresholds.

Common Questions

Some common questions to consider when wanting to begin a project:

  • Do I have the resources needed to dedicate to the project?
  • Will this project require procurement?
  • Do I know key stakeholders?
  • Do I have an idea of how long it will take to complete the project?

Project Examples

Examples of past projects supported by the ATS PMO include:

  • Residence Halls Fire Safety
  • RebelDocs Implementation
  • Emergency Telephone Poles
  • Parking License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Project Charters and Business Cases

If a project owner needs pre-approval from a project sponsor to move forward, the ATS PMO recommends using a Project Charter and/or Business Case.

Create a Project Charter

Create a Business Case

Request Project Intake

Project management services are available to departments who partner with ATS.  All new projects are reviewed with leadership prior to implementation. To submit a project for review, complete the Project Intake Form.

If you require support in completing or accessing the Project Intake Form, send a request to for additional support.