The Major Pathways Program is an academic advising program in the Academic Success Center (ASC) at UNLV. The ASC, the Lee Business School, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, and College of Sciences have created the program to assist students who seek a major in one of these colleges and are pursuing a major that best fits their academic and career goals.

The "pathway" into these colleges is to enter UNLV in the Exploring major, work on completion of the related gateway Math course with a C or better, while taking advantage of Academic Success Center programming to establish a baseline for college success.

Lee Business School requires that students complete Math 124 - College Algebra (or higher) with a minimum grade of C.

College of Engineering and College of Sciences each require their students complete Math 126 - Pre-Calculus I (or higher) with a minimum grade of C.

In order to be eligible for these math courses, students must either satisfy minimum placement scores or enroll in preparatory Math courses. Please refer to the Math Department website for the specific scores/courses.

If your current math test scores are lower than those required for your entering Math course, you have several options for placing into a higher-level math class: participate in UNLV’s preparation program and then take the placement test, take a placement test and earn the minimum scores, or successfully complete preparatory courses.

Preparation and Placement

Preparatory Program Available

Participate in UNLV’s free summer Math Bridge Program. As long as you complete the program, the only cost is the placement test fee. You’ll work with qualified tutors to review and learn math concepts to help you prepare for the placement test.

Placement Tests Available

  • Retake the ACT or SAT. In addition to testing into a higher-level math class, achieving higher standardized test scores could have additional benefits such as helping you qualify for competitive scholarships.
  • Take the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Assessment. You can take ALEKS online, anytime, and anywhere at your convenience. Access ALEKS through MyUNLV.
  • Take the UNLV Math Department’s placement exam. If you think your ACT/SAT math scores don’t accurately reflect your math skill level, you may feel confident in taking a placement test and meeting the minimum score.

Additional Support

Our academic advisors in the Academic Success Center are here to help you decide which option is best for you. We can also help connect you to many other campus resources. For instance, students can meet with an Academic Success Coach to help them improve time management and study skills. Contact Salvador Mora, Director of Academic Advising for the Academic Success Center for more information. He can be reached at or at 702-895-3177.