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Art, Design, and Art History

Dynamic and diverse students discovering the future.

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Two students discuss a painting
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What's Happening

Girl posing in art exhibit

UNLV Visiting Artists, Designers, and Art Historians

Sponsored by the Department of Art, the College of Fine Arts, and community partners

The UNLV Department of Art is fortunate to host cutting edge artists, designers, and art historians. These inspiring creative leaders visit the campus to engage with students in the classroom, teach workshops, share their research, facilitate discussions, and offer critique.

A man walks along the UNLV campus
Sep. 25, 2020

A little help from his father set a 4-year-old Atsushi “Sush” Machida on the path to becoming the College of Fine Arts Alumnus of the Year.

Sep. 9, 2020

UNLV graduate art students take “library” as their prompt in the upcoming group exhibition on display through Nov. 29.

woman in front of wall with printed text
Sep. 3, 2020

New solo exhibition at UNLV's Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art tells stories of race and womanhood.

Aug. 6, 2020

Assistant art professor Doughty is a visual storyteller whose practice engages with socio-economic, racial, and gender-based issues.

A pencil drawing of a man
Aug. 3, 2020

The department of art and Donna Beam Gallery are accepting submissions through Sept. 1.

Jun. 8, 2020

Congratulations to the artists and designers included in the curated online exhibition that is part of the UNLV Donna Beam Gallery program.

library interior study spaces
May. 15, 2020

Eight UNLV Students Honored With 2020 Lance and Elena Calvert Awards For Undergraduate Research across a wide spectrum of research topics.

UNLV graduate seated with decorated cap
May. 14, 2020

An enduring UNLV end-of-semester tradition is to highlight exceptional students who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the graduating class.

art flyer
May. 13, 2020

MFA student organization to examine how experimental videos distract or react to social distancing restrictions.

May. 8, 2020

In her transdisciplinary Honors College thesis project, UNLV senior Kendahl Servino investigates how our regard for our hands can reveal far more than we might expect.

woman seated in art gallery
Apr. 15, 2020

Each weekly episode focuses on a different art theme.

U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Apr. 8, 2020

Requests for funding are due April 10.

detail of artwork
Mar. 13, 2020

Graduate art students take “library” as their prompt in this upcoming group exhibition.

Feb. 26, 2020

Founded in 2003, the hall honors people who have made significant contributions to the visual arts, performing arts, or architecture.

map of museum indicating activity locations
Dec. 18, 2019

Create, connect, and explore! Join the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art for a day of all-ages art exploration and hands-on creativity.

woman holding colorful fabric
Dec. 11, 2019

Alumna Jaimee Newberry turns a mommy-daughter holiday project into a booming custom clothing company.

A student uses printing equipment in an art studio.
Dec. 6, 2019

Students and professors use extended campus hours to prepare for finals week.

two drawings of men
Dec. 2, 2019

The fall semester is wrapping up in the department of art. Enjoy any of these 12 spectacular experiences in the 12th month of the year.

portrait of woman
Nov. 25, 2019

Jean Munson of the Women's Research Institute of Nevada credits professor Joanne Goodwin, the institute's director emerita, as having been an important mentor.

Oct. 8, 2019

This exhibition celebrating artists of African heritage living in the Las Vegas area opens as part of the 3rd Annual UNLV Art Walk and runs through Dec. 7.

dancer before outdoor audience
Oct. 4, 2019

Co-presented by philanthropist Susan N. Houston, the College of Fine Arts hosts the free annual Art Walk to honor the Las Vegas community for its dedicated support of the arts and culture in Southern Nevada.

a mace on a stand
May. 18, 2019

The processional marshal at commencement will be wielding the mace — a 12-pound symbolic weapon for defending the university and its people.

watercolor painting
May. 10, 2019

Graduating art major Zhe Zhang turns her gaze to UNLV's campus.

Christen Lena Gomez working at her computer.
May. 1, 2019

This Research & Creative Honors Program participant makes educating children about the diversity within the Latino community fun.

Apr. 16, 2019
UNLV’s Research & Creative Honors Program provides undergraduates with unique opportunities that prepare them for graduate studies.
Chris Jones winces, with just his head portruding from a black, bloblike art installation.
Apr. 15, 2019

Illustrator Chris Jones came to Las Vegas no plan, and ended up navigating the media landscape en route to an MFA.

A woman reacting to the CFA Garden.
Apr. 13, 2019

Massive public art installations like The Flashlight and the CFA Garden show that public art comes in all shapes and sizes — including "huge."

four portraits of women
Apr. 9, 2019

Four students on the chances they’ve taken, the confidence they’ve gained, and the dreams they continue to chase.

two-story building covered in fabric
Apr. 5, 2019

The inaugural transformation fellow project inspires a new favorite Instagram spot. Bonus: Zombies take over campus to teach emergency preparedness.

Photo of a an image showing brightly colored fabric draped on Grant Hall.
Mar. 20, 2019

A public celebration of the project will be held 2 - 5 p.m. April 6.

build exterior at night
Mar. 11, 2019

Founded in 2003, the hall honors people who have made significant contributions to the visual arts, performing arts, or architecture.

Mar. 7, 2019

A soft-handed English professor helps stitch together a giant installation with UNLV Transformation Fellow Amanda Browder

UNLV students rehearse a dance performance.
Mar. 5, 2019

Lawmakers to hear from faculty, students on first-ever ‘Fine Arts Day.’

man leading gallery talk
Mar. 5, 2019

A leading figure in the field of Latinx art history and visual culture, Chavoya returns to the Barrick Museum of Art for this special event.

museum gallery
Mar. 1, 2019

Join the Human Rights Campaign for a panel discussion by national and local experts on the evolution of the word 'Queer' and what it represents for many today.

Mar. 1, 2019

Artists Justin Favela and Ramiro Gomez come together for the first time in Sorry for the Mess, an exhibition of new collaborative artwork about labor, childhood memories, and life in Las Vegas.

Two women viewing artwork
Feb. 20, 2019

The Barrick Museum's Axis Mundo exhibit explores the intersectionality of LGBTQ and Latinx artists.

portrait of alisha kerlin
Feb. 15, 2019

Kerlin has more than a decade of museum and gallery experience in addition to her professional practice as an artist, educator, curator, and researcher.

photo from exhibit
Dec. 18, 2018

This traveling exhibition explores the intersections among a network of more than 50 Los Angeles-based queer Chicanx artists.

Dec. 4, 2018

The abstract mandalas of UNLV alumnus James Stanford demand close inspection. A new art book collects his works.

Nov. 26, 2018

Meet the MFA candidates and visit their studios where they will share recent work.

Beverly Fishman painting on wood
Oct. 30, 2018

Fishman adopts the language of abstraction to explore the body, issues of identity, and contemporary culture.

Oct. 16, 2018

Tae Hwang & MR Barnadas are a transnational duo and co-founders of Collective Magpie currently based out of the borderlands of San Diego - Tijuana.

Oct. 5, 2018

Bedford was awarded a Krasner Pollock Grant in 2015 and was the winner of the 2001 UCLA Hammer Museum Drawing Biennale.

series of color blocks
Oct. 3, 2018

The current MGM Art & Culture visiting artist discusses his process and new work, "Vendarta 100: Six Elements and the Seasons."

female dancer surrounded by yellow material
Oct. 2, 2018

The Barrick Museum's D.K. Sole on UNLV's role in ensuring that "we never forget."

dancers outdoors at night
Oct. 1, 2018

Join us for a celebratory evening honoring the Las Vegas arts community for its dedicated support of the arts and culture.

image of dry prairie grass
Sep. 28, 2018

The Visiting Artist Lecture Series features a diverse array of some of the most compelling artists and thinkers working in the art world today.

neon letters
Sep. 26, 2018

Gallery hosts opening reception for exhibition featuring local Latin contemporary artists during the College of Fine Arts Art Walk Oct. 12.

three people playing marimba
Sep. 26, 2018

Catch the Ragtime Rebels at 10 a.m. in the Barrick Museum of Art Xeric Garden.

movie poster
Sep. 20, 2018

Mohseni, an Iranian-born artist and filmmaker, will speak in the Barrick Museum of Art auditorium.

Sep. 19, 2018

Tamar Ettun's "Jubilation Inflation" unifies different areas of the artist's practice in a multifaceted examination of trauma, healing, and radical empathy.

Sep. 19, 2018

Wittenberg is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles working primarily in video, sculpture, and installation.

Aram Moshayedi
Sep. 5, 2018

Moshayedi, a curator at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, opens the Fall Visiting Artist Lecture Series.

Aug. 14, 2018

The gallery kicks off the semester with an exhibition of work by the newest faculty members of the department of art.

Portrait of Marcus Civin, new chair of art department
Jul. 16, 2018

This performance artist, art critic, and teacher is excited about collaborating with new colleagues at UNLV.

children creating art
May. 25, 2018

The Barrick comes alive from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, June 22 with free workshops and music for all ages.

detail of art work
May. 16, 2018

Join the free opening reception at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art 5-8 p.m. June 2.

man in art gallery
May. 14, 2018

Civin joins the college effective July 15, following eight years with the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

close-up of artwork
May. 4, 2018

The artists discuss what it means to make art in Las Vegas today.

poster with words "UNLV MFA Open Studios 2018 April 27"
Apr. 24, 2018

The public is invited to visit master of fine art candidates and visit their studios where they will present recent work.

artwork detail
Apr. 16, 2018

Sessions start at the top of each hour from 1 to 5 p.m.

Lawrence Weschler
Apr. 12, 2018

Longtime New Yorker writer will explore ways art and science have been approached together, and separately, over the years.

art image
Apr. 6, 2018

The scholar and artist unpacks her 'Scouted' series, a re-contextualization of location shots behind the classic Martin Scorsese film Casino (1995).

Apr. 2, 2018

Personalize an object with beads. Join the museum in welcoming artist Noelle Garcia for a workshop.

Mar. 29, 2018

As part of the curated screening, artist and filmmaker Chris Coy will show his film BARNRAZER, as well as selected works by artists Jon Rafman and Andrew Norman Wilson.

Mar. 28, 2018

Lowenthal examines the evolutionary exchanges between design, historical legacies, and their effect on the production of subjectivity.

woman drawing
Mar. 9, 2018

Gemma Marmalade is a British artist and professor in photographic art practice at the University of Derby, specializing in experimental approaches to the radical intersections of photography, video, and performance.

outdoor billboard
Mar. 1, 2018

At the core of Ferrer's practice is the treatment and transmutation of cultural objects and symbols, pulling from popular iconography to art historical artifacts.

Portrait of Kathy Lauckner
Feb. 23, 2018

Join UNLV Corporate Challenge stalwart Kathy Lauckner in representing the scarlet and the gray on the court, in the pool, or at the poker table in the annual community games.

illustration of brain with music notes
Feb. 12, 2018

The symposium is presented by professor Lawrence Zoller from the School of Dental Medicine.

close-up of artwork
Feb. 8, 2018

Find out what it means to think about vision as an active process in the brain, not just the eye.

mounted photograph
Jan. 27, 2018

Three new exhibitions at the Barrick, along with shows at the Donna Beam, Grant Hall Gallery, and Lied Library, explore identity and form. Public reception is Feb. 9.

tapestry detail shot
Jan. 25, 2018

'Identity Tapestry' allows visitors to create a textual portrait of themselves. It will be up until May 12.

woman in gold dress
Dec. 7, 2017

Museum director Alisha Kerlin is building a network of collaborators from disparate disciplines and inventing new ways to entice the community to campus.

event flyer
Nov. 30, 2017

Hickey has written for such publications as Rolling Stone, Art News, Art in America, Artforum, Harper's Magazine, Vanity Fair, and many others.

detail of "Strange Journey" artwork by Walter Robinson
Nov. 27, 2017

The selection of drawings and paintings is curated by art professor Jeff Burden.

Nov. 21, 2017

Game designer honors artist friend with scholarship.

painting of girl
Oct. 10, 2017

Tune in to see this collaborative effort on local PBS station Channel 10.

art supplies
Sep. 21, 2017

The evening of spectacular celebration marks the 60th anniversary of UNLV and the 50th anniversary of the Barrick Museum.

Sep. 19, 2017

The internationally acclaimed art critic will deliver two lectures on art and writing.

art gallery
Sep. 13, 2017

In an era of answers at our fingertips, UNLV’s real role is to promote ignorance in our students, argues the Barrick Museum’s D.K. Sole.

Kendra Patterson is studying abroad in China this semester with support from a scholarship.
Sep. 6, 2017

Learn from UNLV students who just landed prestigious scholarships to study in Asia, Central America, and Europe.

two women looking at art exhibit
Aug. 30, 2017

History professor finds the humanity in a Barrick Museum exhibit meditating on the minutiae of atomic testing history.

Barrick Museum of Art patrons view a drawing by artist Joan Linder.
Jun. 5, 2017

School is out! Bring the kids for a day of free art activities for the entire community.

closeup of a xylophone being played
May. 3, 2017

This spring 2017 project is a collaboration between the School of Music, the departments of film and art, and Australian master marimba builder James Bailey.

Tim Bavington poses in his studio
Apr. 25, 2017

Fine Arts Alumnus of the Year Tim Bavington on representing the Las Vegas art scene.

Meghan Smythe, Purple Lady
Mar. 24, 2017

Can you name five female artists? The Barrick Museum's collection will help you pass this cultural test for Women's History Month.

Catherine Angel in her home photography studio
Feb. 22, 2017

For Catherine Angel, opposing modes create an unmistakable intimacy.

Several portaits, including Lance Burton, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Willie Harris
Feb. 21, 2017

Carol Channing and the late Debbie Reynolds to receive the Koep Dean's Medal. George Grove to be recognized as Alumnus of the Year.

ceramic sculpture
Feb. 10, 2017

What happens in an art museum between exhibitions? Here’s a peek into the process.

Nancy J. Uscher
Feb. 8, 2017

New College of Fine Arts dean says the creative work of faculty members can inspire students and help UNLV find its way into the Top Tier.

This slide of a Martian meteorite
Feb. 1, 2017

"Inquiry: The Art of Scientific Discovery" brings College of Sciences together with UNLV Galleries for an exhibit of images and objects related to UNLV research.

Detail of Salvador Dali's "Dante’s Inferno Plate 1" 1970, Woodcut print
Jan. 11, 2017

Barrick Museum chronicles its evolution as a principal venue for contemporary art and unveils new shows for its celebration.

Rita Asfour self portrait
Sep. 30, 2016

The event — featuring costumes, a panel discussion, and performance — is free and open to the public.

Highway #5, Los Angeles, California, USA, 2009
Jul. 17, 2016

The exhibition surveys a decade of Burtynsky’s photographic imagery exploring different aspects of the modern world’s most transformative resource, oil. It opens Sept. 23.

Home Free group shot
Jun. 24, 2016

The PAC is Southern Nevada’s longstanding performing arts venue for more than 40 years, and features the acclaimed Charles Vanda Master Series, the Allegro Guitar Series at UNLV, and the UNLV Chamber Music Series.

Patrick Duffy, Danielle Kelly, Hugh Taylor, Marlena Shaw, and Johnny Thompson
Mar. 8, 2016

Also being recognized are Dean's Medal recipient Patrick Duffy, and College of Fine Arts Alumnus of the Year, Danielle Kelly ('07).

Daniella Toscano
Dec. 9, 2015

UNLV alumna Daniella Toscano’s task was to do something that’s been done thousands of times, yet make it look new. Go behind the scenes with the costume designer for 'A Christmas Carol.'

four portraits
Nov. 4, 2015

Our Alumni of the Year tell us what the learned when they faced a (fake) fire, a blank canvas, a dreaded phone call, and a mother's mortality.

Dreamt Reflections v1 by Angel Delgado
Oct. 12, 2015

New exhibit of contemporary Cuban art at Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, Oct. 16-Nov. 14.

students view art gallery
Sep. 29, 2015

While art is a focal point for visuals, this story reminds us of the impact it can have on the written word.

Sep. 25, 2015

This collaborative concert of dance, music, art, and design also features professional marionette and puppetry artist Anthony Rais.

Wendy Kveck BMFD
Sep. 25, 2015

Kveck, Russ, and Stellmon, three Las Vegas artists, offer unique bodies of work that spring from a common practice of breaking down their subject, then reorganizing and reordering the pieces.

Annual Nevada Entertainer/Artist Hall of Fame cover photo
Feb. 5, 2015

This year's ceremony honors Dr. Keith Boman, arts advocate; Gary Nelson, director; and Paul Curtis Steelman, architect.

Nov. 21, 2014
This project by Javier Sanchez is in conjunction with the UNLV Barrick Museum in solidarity with the disappearance of 43 students who attended the Normal University in Ayotzinapa, a rural school in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.
Nov. 20, 2014
"Reflecting and Projecting: Twenty Years of Design Excellence," Dec. 10-Feb. 28, presented by Las Vegas chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in collaboration with the UNLV School of Architecture, UNLV Galleries, and Barrick Museum.
Oct. 14, 2014
The artist and UNLV graduate on his great teachers, becoming a professor, and the importance of color.
Sep. 3, 2014

“PANORAMA: Selections from the Nevada Arts Council’s Artist Fellowship Program” features 12 exceptional artists and brings Nevada’s artist landscape into view. The exhibition runs Oct. 3–Nov. 26. The exhibit reception is Oct. 3, 6-8pm.

Aug. 22, 2014

Internationally recognized artist Bavington is a 2014 inductee into the Nevada Entertainer/Artist Hall of Fame.

Aug. 20, 2014
The new season includes the acclaimed Charles Vanda Master Series, The Allegro Guitar Series, and UNLV Chamber Music Series.
Jul. 21, 2014

The nonprofit organization COLAB Las Vegas is creating opportunities for local artists to win major public arts projects. Meet the UNLV alumni behind it.

Amy Lee Finchem, ’09 BS Architecture, is founder of COLAB, a nonprofit organization that promotes public art and design projects. (Aaron Mayes/UNLV Photo Services)
Jul. 21, 2014

View some of the projects from the public art nonprofit organization.

Jul. 9, 2014

Architecture duo takes a risk on downtown at just the right moment. Now their Bunnyfish Studio firm's mark is on dozens of the most notable building rehabs in the burgeoning East Fremont District.

May. 15, 2014

Extravagant installation gives studio art students an opportunity to gain professional experience.

May. 6, 2014
The Nutty Professor, commemorating the 50th anniversary Blu-ray release, kicks off the festival at 6 p.m. May 15 in the UNLV Barrick Museum Auditorium.
Apr. 17, 2014
The Barrick Museum also will host the Jerry Lewis Film Festival, presenting weekly screenings of his films.
Mar. 24, 2014

Barrick Museum's current exhibition features the works of five UNLV graduates who've gone on to success in art.

Mar. 12, 2014

The March 27 event also recognizes Dean’s Medal Recipient June Brennan and Fine Arts Alumnus of the Year Ronnie Vannucci.

Mar. 11, 2014
University’s top ranked graduate/specialty programs include Boyd Law School’s legal writing program at No. 3, dispute resolution at No. 9.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Jan. 27, 2014
The exhibition of exuberant works of abstraction opens Jan. 30 with a public reception and runs through April 26.
Jan. 8, 2014
The photography exhibit is open to the public daily from 9am-5:30pm. The opening reception is Jan. 31 from 6-9pm.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Nov. 19, 2013
The group exhibition includes graphic arts, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and photography.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Oct. 9, 2013
The exhibit at the UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum is in cooperation with the UNLV College of Fine Arts, the Japan Foundation, the Japan America Society of Nevada, and the Office of the Honorary Consulate of Japan.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Aug. 12, 2013
Four distinct series comprise the season: the acclaimed Charles Vanda Master Series, the Allegro Guitar Series at UNLV, the UNLV Performing Arts Center Series, and the UNLV Chamber Music Series, co-produced with the UNLV Department of Music.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Jul. 12, 2013

Four-year term runs through June 30, 2017.

U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Jun. 13, 2013
The award-winning documentary, HERB & DOROTHY, by filmmaker Megumi Sasaki, will play in the Barrick to accompany the exhibit.
Student looking at art work inside of an art studio, formerly a Carl's Jr.
Apr. 11, 2013

Wondering what's been going on inside the old Carl's Jr.?

Colorful heart sculpture.
Jun. 5, 2012

UNLV becomes permanent home for sculptures from the St. Jude Hearts of Las Vegas project.

Crick (2009) by David Ryan, '03 MFA
May. 4, 2012

The young but strong collection from the Las Vegas Art Museum includes a number of graduates.

Untitled (2008) by Philip Argent, '94 MFA
May. 3, 2012

The uncertain future of the Las Vegas Art Museum collection now secure through new partnership with College of Fine Arts.

Apr. 1, 2011
The Barrick Museum's extensive collection of Mexican and Guatamalan masks.
Apr. 12, 2010

A remarkable collection of contemporary art finds a home in UNLV's Beam Museum of Fine Art.

Apr. 21, 2009
A mystery photo from our archives led us to track down alumnus Serge McCabe.
UNLV saxophone player
Nov. 1, 2006

UNLV has dominated the Regents’ Creative Activities Awards, drawing attention to the varied artistic talents found in several disciplines on campus.

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