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Women's Council GIVE Award

Oct. 22, 2021

The Growth, Inclusivity, Voice, and Excellence Award was created by the Hiring, Retention, and Assessment Task Force of the Women's Council to recognize diversity initiatives in areas of research, teaching, student services, administration, and community outreach by UNLV-affiliated individuals and programs. The award aims to create a space for people and programs that would otherwise not be recognized and encourage diversity initiatives in all levels of UNLV’s leadership. Members of the GIVE Award Committee are Harriet Barlow, Kimberly Kendricks, Janna Bernstein, Melissa Bowles-Terry, Katrina Harris, Mariana Sarmiento, and Emma Frances Bloomfield.

The GIVE Award committee is thrilled to announce 2 inaugural winners of the award: Cristina Hernandez and the Libraries' Inclusion and Equity Committee. These award decisions were made based on the nominees' evidence of commitment to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion and evidence that they have made a significant contribution to UNLV's staff, students, and campus environment.

Cristina Hernandez is a former Director of the Jean Nidetch Women's Center at UNLV and worked there for 12 years. While at the Women's Center, Hernandez launched significant initiatives including a peer advocacy program, a 24-hour hotline, the CARE Survivor fund, and a variety of support systems and resources for staff and students who are parents. One nominator described Hernandez as providing "invaluable resources and support to make our campus more inclusive" and another called her a "champion for parenting students." After reading the outpouring of support for Hernandez's nomination and the extensive contributions she has made to the campus community, the committee is honored to bestow the inaugural Growth, Inclusivity, Voice, and Excellence Award upon Cristina Hernandez.

The Libraries' Inclusion and Equity Committee (IEC) was started in 2017 and there is already evidence of its positive impact in UNLV Libraries and the campus community. In addition to providing pronoun badges for Libraries staff, sponsoring workshops and webinars related to diversity and equity issues, collaborating with equity coordinators across campus, and providing resources for students, the IEC has also launched an ambitious 3 pronged Task Force initiative to address diversity in hiring and recruitment. The nominating letter described the IEC as being committed "to making inclusion and equity not just values that the Libraries talk about, but that we all strive to embody more fully each day." After reading about the substantial contributions that the IEC also already made in a few short years, the committee is honored to bestow the inaugural Growth, Inclusivity, Voice, and Excellence Award upon the Libraries' Inclusion and Equity Committee. The members of the Libraries' IEC are: Avery Boddie, James Cheng, Brittany Fiedler, Michaelyn Haslam, Edi Martinez-Flores, Thomas Padilla, Claytee White, Annette Day, Kelsey George, Huston Green, Amanda Melilli, Courtney Brombosz, Kelsey Mazmanyan, Sue Wainscott, Eva Luna, Kee Choi, Stormye Hendrix, Amy Tureen, and Heidi Johnson.