Graduate Student Discusses Research Poster with Judges
Mar. 29, 2022

On April 24th nearly 25 engineering and computer science graduate students came together to present their research to judges, industry partners and fellow students. Each competitor had three minutes to present their research, and two minutes for questions. 

Based on the judges' scoring, the winners were:

  • First Place ($1,000): Ariful Hasnat, CEEC, Properties of Non-Proprietary Ultra-High-Performance Concrete for Railway Ties
  • Second Place ($500): Lucas Gallup, ME, Understanding Large Deflection Bending of 3D Printed Material
  • Third Place ($250): Binayak Tiwari, ECE, Data Streaming and Traffic Gathering in Mesh-based NoC for Deep Neural Network Accelerator

Additionally, the judges felt that the following participants had excellent posters/presentations and deserved an honorable mention. 

  • Youssef, Fahmy, ME, Experimental Characterization of Porcine Colorectal Material
  • Liya Napollion, ME, Temperature effect on the electrochemical properties of IPMC capacitor
  • Nazanin Minaian, ME, COMSOL Modeling of Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Sensing with Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)
  • Amit Gajurel, CEEC, Establishing formation potential test conditions for assessing haloacetonitrile (HAN) precursors in source waters
  • Abraham Lopez, ECE, Compact avalanche-transistor based pulse generator for transcranial infrared light stimulation (TILS) experiments
  • Brandon Ortiz,  ME, Separating Diffusion from Dilation in the Adsorption of Surfactants

The College thanks Patrick Watson with the Southern Nevada Water District, and James Edmondson of Koshee Innovation, for taking time to judge this year's entries.