Mar. 9, 2022


Javier Rodríguez, vice provost for Academic Programs, will return to faculty in the College of Sciences, effective July 1, 2022. The move is part of a broader realignment of duties and functions for the vice provosts and other team members.

“Javier has been a champion for Academic Programs, bringing much-needed support for degree and program accreditation requirements campuswide,” Heavey said. “We are grateful for all he has done to ensure UNLV’s academic rigor. We are also eager to share more details about the realignment, which we expect will help us better advance our Top Tier mission of student achievement and academic excellence.”

Rodríguez took on the role of vice provost for Academic Programs in January 2019.

“I am grateful for my tenure in the provost’s office,” Rodríguez said. “This opportunity allowed me to understand the functioning of a dynamic institution of higher learning in much greater detail. Serving as vice provost for Academic Programs allowed me to meet and work with dedicated people from across the university to advance UNLV’s educational mission.”

During his tenure as vice provost, Rodríguez led the design and approval of academic programs, curriculum improvement through program review, academic course and degree assessment, and oversight of UNLV’s regional and discipline-specific accreditation processes. This included collaborations with academic faculty, chairs, directors, and deans that resulted in the creation of three bachelor’s degrees, six master’s degrees, six doctoral programs, and 10 graduate certificates.

“I am particularly proud of the climate in the office of Academic Programs,” Rodríguez said. “The dedicated professionals in the office enjoy working together, readily accede to colleagues’ requests for assistance, and spontaneously offer to help with various projects. I selfishly take some of the credit for promoting and maintaining this collegial environment.”

Rodríguez helped develop a culture in the office that prioritizes accessibility of digital materials, services, and environments to create a more inclusive educational experience. He also led educational compliance, workforce development, evaluation of institutional policies, and worked to provide resources and services to encourage international study.

Rodríguez, who joined UNLV in 2002 as an assistant professor in biology, served in numerous leadership roles prior to his work as vice provost. He was vice dean for the College of Sciences as well as assistant director and associate director from 2007 to 2010.