Jun. 26, 2024

The Campus Planning Priorities Committee (CPPC) was established to assist with prioritizing fiscal resources and staff for high-cost campus projects. The committee has paused to assess and make enhancements to its processes. 

While this work takes place, departments who would like to request one-time funding for projects should follow these steps:

  • Request a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate from Planning & Construction or Facilities Management
    • This will provide an estimate of the cost and staffing needed to complete the project
  • For non-construction requests, request an estimate from the supplier
  • The dean/director emails Elise Bunkowski and Erin Messer the following information:
    • Description of the request
    • Justification for the request
    • ROM or supplier estimate
  • Requests will be shared with the Executive Vice President and Provost and Vice President of Business Affairs for review, determination of funding sources, and approval.

Contact Elise Bunkowski or Jennifer McCarthy with any questions.