Apr. 19, 2021

Directed and Photographed by Alex C. White
Edited by Cameron White
Produced by Zachary S. Shea
Shot on 35mm film in 2010

This was made as part of Alex's cinematography class with Michel Hugo in collaboration with the UNLV School of Music. 

"I’m very proud of this piece I did for my final in one of Hugo’s last cinematography classes," says Alex C. White, almnus and director of this short film. "Zach Shea helped me get in touch with Taras Krysa, a conductor for the UNLV Symphony Orchestra and we coordinated a shoot for them. Taras gave me one rehearsal night to film, which lasts about 2 hours. Andrea Walter was my AD, and she ran the crew so well that we got every shot we had planned for. Kathleen Wiltshire was my first AC and pulled extremely rad focus. Craig Boydston ran my grIp unit and killed it with the dolly crew moving a Fischer around all night."