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Oct. 22, 2021

UNLV Film has won the prestigious Social Media Campaign award from the Coca-Cola/Regal Cinemas contest! 

During the course of this year's competition, UNLV Film students were given $15,000 to shoot a branded spot with a RED camera for a chance to win screen time at all Regal theaters. Once the spot was complete, all five finalists vied for the top spot in the Social Media Campaign component of the competition. UNLV's The Big Wish came out on top! 

Also in the running for this award were finalists SCAD, NYU and The New School (NY).

The winning case study and social analytics report can be found below as an attachment. 

If you would like to see the final branded spot, the BIG WISH can be found on Youtube!


Social Media Manager: Shahab Zargari

BTS Producers
Jemsen Bollozos
 Alyson Arsen

BTS Director 
Sam Rodriguez

BTS First Assistant Director 
Rose Nordberg

BTS Director of Photography 
Efrain Salas

BTS Camera Operators 
Efrain Salas
James Reiss
Clark Coty

BTS Sound 
Shane Gallo
Clark Coty

BTS Production Design 
Cynthia Garcia

BTS Production Assistant 
Kevin Kirby
Chris Kliewer

BTS Editor 
Alyson Arsen
Ky Guerrero

BTS Assistant Editor 
Jemsen Bollozos
Shane Pullar

BTS Color Correction 
Efrain Salas
Alyson Arsen

Shahab Zargari
Alyson Arsen

BTS Still Photograper 
Tonatiuh Gomez-Aramburo

School Mentor
Brett Levner

Big Wish Director
Nicolle Peterson

Big Wish Producer
Lily Campisi

Big Wish 1st AD
Trever Floyd

Big Wish 2nd AD
Rose Nordberg

Big Wish PAs
Robert Allan Teh
Chris Kliewer
Victoria Skarupski

Big Wish Script Supervisor 
Victoria Rose

Big Wish Catering 
Gabriel Campisi

Big Wish Cast
Alyssa Tortomasi
Danny Shepherd
Dawson Mullen
Jessica Formica

Big Wish Director of Photography
Robert Machado

Big Wish 1st AC
Jeremy Le

Big Wish 2nd AC
Fausto Darquea

Big Wish Camera Utility
Christian Astroga

Big Wish Digital Imaging Tech
Liz Tran

Big Wish Gaffer
Ali Osman

Big Wish Key Grip
Tony Dare

Big Wish Best Boy Electric
Sean Singer

Big Wish Grips
Marlo Alvarado
Shane Gallo
Peter Kelesis
Blake Gilmore

Big Wish Art Supervisor
Ilona Robertson

Big Wish Production Designer
Brittany Deal

Big Wish Art Director
Rebekah Flores

Big Wish Art PAs
Sierra Tuter
Alondra Del Toro

Big Wish Food Stylist
Amy Villareale

Big Wish Costume Designer
Diana Eden

Big Wish Costume Supervisor
Amber Thomson

Big Wish Costume PA
Itxel Garcia

Big Wish Hair and Makeup
Jenny Egidio

Big Wish Hair and Makeup Assitstant
Leigha Keaveny

Big Wish Audio Mixer
AJ Flores

Big Wish Boom Op
Alain Almero

Big Wish Sound Designer
Benton Corder

Big Wish Post Supervisor
Jason Edmiston

Big Wish Editor
Liz Tran

Big Wish Composer
Bryce Stout

Big Wish VFX
Glenn Campbell
Tammy Klein

Big Wish Assistant Editors
Jaden Bailey
Anthony Guidabaldi

Big Wish Colorist
Rob Sholty

Big Wish Extras
Hannah Figueras
Kristofer Mendoza
Anthony Perito
Ron Hovick
Penny Hovick
Marianna Wood
Jody Marie
Alyssa Lopez
Mark Yates
Danialle Frahm
Aaron Lockhart
Sofia Flores
Chiemi Mcghie
Anthony Shade
Cassidy Rudy
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Napsugar Hegedus
Danielle Ben-Shimon
Shanika Thomas
Giovanni Morabito
Ryan Balaz
Anton Bogatirev
Marquis Hebbler
Michael Page
Elena Torres