UNLV FIlm Thursdays - Oct. 27, 7pm
Oct. 18, 2022


Join us on October 27 at 7pm in FDH 109 for an evening of spooky films and experience the in-person big-screen premiere of UNLV Film Professor Emeritus Sean Clark's THE DOOMED SHORTCUT.

UNLV FILM Thursdays is the weekly showcase that investigates and celebrates the 125-year history and international scope of cinema, highlights current industry practices, and builds bridges to the professional world.

This showcase of short horror, sci fi, and thriller films from local production company Think Speak, features UNLV FILM students and faculty, as well as film scores recorded with Chuck Foley (UNLV Music) and Brooke Herndon (Music Alumna). Hosted by Shahab Zargari, founder of Think Speak and UNLV College of Fine Arts communications coordinator.