May. 19, 2020

Due to COVID-19, UNLV Film and Honors College students collaborated to make a documentary ABOUT the pandemic.  

Professor Brett Levner explains: "I taught Documentary Production for the Honors College this semester.  In the beginning of the class, each student was preparing to shoot an individual short documentary about a subject of their choice. But due to the quarantine, we had to rethink that.  So instead, the class created a collaborative documentary about the pandemic and how it was impacting them while adhering to social distancing.  Using their phone cameras, the students interviewed themselves or family members within the home.  They then each created a script based off the footage, which I passed on to my UNLV Film Editing and Production students to piece together. Professor Clarence Gilyard provided the voice over and this is the end result."

Narrated by,

Professor Clarence Gilyard

Written by,

Claire Skaggs

Segments Produced by,

Caren Abourjeily

Mark Adriatico

Jorge Carrera

Whitney Collins

Matthew Dineros

Trisha Godoy

Marie Hashitani

Ana Ichon

Mirella Jasso

Heidi Kim

Crysty-Ann Olaco

Omar Perez

Anthony Pitch

Ava Platt

Melanie Sahagun

Emma Sevoian

Claire Skaggs

Max Torres

Segments Edited by,

Ahmad Abu-Shamma

Stephanie Matute

Morgan Tilley

Intro and Outro Produced by,

Manuel Batista 

Michala Dodson

Brendan Little

Israel Mora

Thomas Reymond

Hennessey Ross

Intro/Outro Edited by,

Dawson Antonucci

Ector Arreola

The film was made in 

HON 420: Documentary Techniques at UNLV in Spring 2020 under the supervision of Professor Brett Levner.