UNLV Film Students at Cannes Film Festival
May. 26, 2022
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Six College of Fine Arts alums participated in the freshly minted UNLV FILM Alumni Business Program at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Their tuition was covered by an emerging filmmaker award from the Brenden/Mann foundation.

The Cannes Film Festival, the 75th Edition, 2022


James Lowery (producer -  UNLV FILM 2021)

James Lowery (producer -  UNLV FILM 2021) placement Voltage Pictures

James found leaning into his work allowed him greater access to the company.  “I was quickly given more and more positions of responsibility and that gave me a birds eye view of how it all worked.  This is what I came for and this is what I got.”
He saved his screenings until the Marche closed on the 26th of May allowing him to concentrate on work and then reap the rewards of the festival. 
He plans to attend a top-tier producing program in Southern California.

Tyler Kirkpatrick (Director -  UNLV FILM 2021)


Tyler Kirkpatrick (Director -  UNLV FILM 2021) placement California Pictures
On the festival Tyler commented “ The films this year are at the top of the artistic spectrum. I knew with the first film that I was where I needed to be. There is a commitment to something more than just pure entertainment or feeding the money-making matching. I cried uncontrollably at multiple films. I got to see where the current state of auditory and visual composition stands at the best festival in the world.”
In his internship he got to sit-in on meetings. I think the placement was good for me. The deals seemed to be numbers game. If the numbers are right, almost anything else can be figured out.”
Tyler will attend a top-tier filmmaking MFA at Florida State University.

Isabelle Link (writer-screen actor -  UNLV FILM 2022)

Isabelle Link (writer-screen actor -  UNLV FILM 2022) placement Tolchin Productions
On the experience Isabelle commented “It was great to have four years of screenwriting behind me.  I felt well prepared for placement.  The festival was intense.  So much to do, so many people to meet, and so many opportunities for my future.”
Her company Tolchin Productions has an office in Las Vegas as well as Los Ángeles.  Izzy plans to continue her acting career, but feels she has a better grasp of the film industry and looks forward to her adventures in the screen trade.

Taylor Schlobohm  (writer-director -  UNLV FILM 2021)

Taylor Schlobohm  (writer-director -  UNLV FILM 2021) placement Grandave International

Taylor’s placement was at Grandave International ian International Sales company based in Los Angeles. Grandaveis  an investment focus on feature film acquisition, theatrical motion picture finance, development, and production of compelling content that is diverse, inclusive and socially progressive.

Taylor has decided her “graduate school” will be the creation and direction of her own films.  Investing in herself and her work as she prepares to bring her own films to the market.

Sophie Den Ridder  (marketing -  UNLV FILM 2022)

Sophie Den Ridder  (marketing -  UNLV FILM 2022) placement Variety & Monoprisse Films

Sophie has been looking forward to the Cannes experience for the past two years.  “Ever since the pandemic happened I would wonder if it was ever going to start up again as it was , and now to be able to join the support of the David Cronenberg film was a exciting experience.”

Sophie’s trajectory from directing to marketing has been well considered.  The American Pavilion experience has furthered her resolve and shown her the career possibilities that lie ahead.

Chris Ramirez  (filmmaker -  UNLV FILM 2021) and fellow classmates

Chris Ramirez  (filmmaker -  UNLV FILM 2021) placement Grandave International

Chris is the past president of Film@UNLV, and has always supported student travel to Sundance and the American pavilion at Cannes.  “This is not Sundance.  Red carpets, real job placements, meeting students from across the world.  Crazy cool.”

Chris’s Cannes’s experience has sharpened his focus and solidified his decision to relocate to Los Angeles to get an entry job in the film industry.


“When it first launched, the Marché du Film was an entirely new step for the film industry, creating an inspirational environment that encouraged professionals to up their business game. The conditions for working, screening films and meeting other professionals were much like the Festival itself: flexible and easy-going. People swapped business cards and projects took off.

Over the years, the Marché du Film, and the Festival de Cannes formed two sides of a single coin to become a key global event for the world of cinema.

Over 12,500 film industry professionals head to Cannes each year to present and discover almost 4,000 films and projects in development at 33 screening venues.”

From now on, UNLV FILM and the Brenden Mann foundation will sponsor an Alumni Experience at American Pavilion Film  Business Program. 

“Time flies when you're having fun. Follow your bliss. Embrace your choices. Treasure the moment.”

- Professor Menendez

Francisco Menendez with “Squid Game” Korean star Lee Jung-jae promoting his directorial debut “ Hunt.”

Francisco Menendez with “Squid Game” Korean star Lee Jung-jae promoting his directorial debut “ Hunt.”