Jun. 11, 2020

UNLV School of Dental Medicine received a $50,000 grant from the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation to support its efforts in the fight against COVID-19, related crises, and to advance  access to care for those in need. Dr. Christina Demopoulos created a plan and will lead the effort to maximize impact of the grant. The money will be used to accomplish the following during the coming year:

  • Expand the delivery of care within the Saturday Morning Community Clinics for children 13 to 18, and ensure continuity of care for Give Kids a Smile patients up to age 18. This will enable the school to provide treatments to an additional 500 children.
  • Continue the Early Childhood Caries Prevention Program (ECCPP), which will include travel to the many of the state’s rural counties and enable an additional 1,500 children to receive treatments.
  • Offset the costs of direct care for families that cannot afford dental treatments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which will help deliver care to approximately 500 patients.

Dr. Demopoulos explained the grant will also further the school’s Access to Care priority areas:

  • Dental treatment of the underserved in clinical settings.
  • Single- or multiple-day dental outreach programs.
  • Dental school clinics and educational outreach.
  • School-sponsored dental education and treatment programs.

“The Delta Dental Community Care Foundation’s generosity will help us reach 2,000 more kids and 500 more adults this year, and offer services in 11 of Nevada’s 17 counties.” Dr. Demopoulos said. “Many residents in the rural communities do not have access to a dentist, so UNLV Dental Medicine Clinics will become their dental home.”