Congratulations to all our 2022-2023 scholarship award recipients.
Sep. 29, 2022

Congratulations to all our 2022-2023 scholarship award recipients. Thank you to AIA Las Vegas, NEWH, all the donors, and the SoA for their hard work on these scholarships.

AIA Scholarship recipients – presented by the Executive Director of the AIA Las Vegas – Carlos Fernandez

a) AIA Las Vegas Scholarship ($1,500)– Ivan Gonzalez-Vasquez 
b) Ric Licata, FAIA Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) Rejndi Hylviu 
c) Felicia Friedlander Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) – Hui Ted Zak Hong 
d) William Snyder, FAIA Honorary Scholarship ($1,000) – Brenden Berry (DONOR Bill Snyder, FAIA or Carlos)
e) KNIT Studio Scholarship ($1,000) – Nathaniel Becenti (DONOR Eric Roberts, AIA)
f) John R. Klai, II, FAIA Honorary Scholarship ($2,500) – Ashley Medina (DONOR John Klai, FAIA)
g) Jon Sparer, FAIA Leadership Award ($1,000) – Ivan Gonzalez-Vasquez (DONOR Jon Sparer, FAIA)
h) Joel Bergman Memorial Scholarship ($2,500) – Cesar Sigala-Salazar (DONOR Leonard Bergman, AIA)
i) Harry O. Ray, AIA, Memorial Design Award (Split $500 each) – Cindy Pavon & Ghazal Deilami (DONOR Alex Raffi)
j) Hal Dean Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) – Rejndi Hylviu 
k) Dwayne Eshenbaugh Scholarship ($1,000) – Nathaniel Becenti (DONOR Dwayne Eschenbaugh)
l) BIPOC Scholarship ($1,000) – Sterling Fitzgerald

SoA scholarships for 2022

1.   Mike Alcorn Memorial Scholarship (2 @ $4,000) - DONOR Time Alcorn & Becky Alcorn
Awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding architectural representation skills and techniques.
a) Andrya Mojena Cutie (Scholarship Certificate & Book: Architectural Ragtime by Michael D. Alcorn)
b)   Judy Shaban (Scholarship Certificate & Book: Architectural Ragtime by Michael D. Alcorn)

2. Bob Genzer/ APA Scholarship ($1,900) 
Awarded to a student demonstrating academic excellence in one of the degree programs in the School of Architecture with an emphasis on planning.
a) Rejndi Hylviu

3.  W. Leslie Sully scholarship ($2,000)
Awarded to a student in landscape architecture demonstrating academic excellence.
a) Cloudia Wooten

4.   Commercial Roofer’s Scholarship ($2,000)
Awarded to a student for academic achievement in architectural building materials and systems.
a) Isaac Carpenter

5.  WHL Design Group Scholarship ($1,000) - DONOR Lawrence Ward
a)  Daphne Gabriele Cuellar

6. Scholarship in honor of Samantha Thibodeau ($2,000) - DONOR James Kennedy
a) Devina N Gallegos

7. Scholarship John Klai ($2,375) - DONOR John Klai
a. Arsalan Mirsadraei

8. Undergrad Differential Fee Scholarships (10 @ $8,000)

a) Kaulupali Makaneole
b) Brenden Berry
c) Alyssa Gainey

d) Cameron Reese
e) Rachel Chinen
f) Mariana Servin
g) Makenzie Leishman
h) Justin Gonzalez

i) Mark Narang
j) Natalie Klainer

9. Grad Differential Fee Scholarships (3 @ $4,500) – Glenn Nowak, GRAD Program Coordinator
k) Mario Rodriguez Jr
l) Ashley Medina
m) Cindy Pavon

10.  NEW Hospitality Scholarship
NEWH Scholarships are awarded annually to promote education and interest within the Hospitality Industry and related fields.
Honorable mentions:
a) Jaime Centano
b) Darian Fluker
c) Raymond On
d) Pemba Mwepu
e) Cesar Salazar Alonzo