Jun. 5, 2024

The University Space Committee (USC) request process began transitioning from Smartsheet to Salesforce on May 24. The transition will take place in phases. Please see below for information about phase 1. 

Phase 1

During phase 1, departments should follow the below process. Please note that this process is temporary. We will provide details about the permanent process as we progress through phases. 


  • Email the USC at space.mgmt@unlv.edu
    • Copy the department chair and dean / director on the email
    • Include the following information: 
      • Space requirements – number of occupants, power needs, data needs, fume hoods, etc.
      • Specify if the space is for a new hire and whether it was included in the hiring request
      • Location requirements/preferences, including if the project, activity, or service function must be located in a specific building/area
      • When the space is needed
      • Where the project is currently located and why it is moving
      • Change classification and whether it will need renovations
      • Explanations outlining what options have been considered within the division/department’s current allocated space and why they are not suitable for this request
      • What will happen to the current space
      • How renovations and/or furniture will be funded if applicable
      • Any additional information that applies to the request.
    • Missing information or omitting the chair and dean/director on the email to USC will delay the processing of the request.
    • The committee will review all submissions and request additional information if needed. Once initial approvals are received, USC will complete the request in approximately two weeks.
  • Exception: Requests for spaces managed by the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV and the Vice President for Research (VPR) follow different processes: 

As a reminder, the University Space Committee does not recommend or approve funding. If you have any questions about the changes to the USC process, please contact Jennifer McCarthy or Heidi Albrecht.