Mar. 30, 2021

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is proud to announce the award of two UNLV grants to programs and faculty within the Academic Transitions and Learning Support unit.  These grants are valuable resources that will impact the retention, progression, and completion of UNLV students. Congratulations to our recipients. 

Under the leadership of Dr. Dan Gianoutsos and Cheyenne Rogers, the ASC's Academic Success Coaching Program was awarded $3500 froom the MSI Student Council for an Academic Success Coaching Summer Series. The program will provide eight virtual workshops in Summer 2021, which are traditionally only offered during the academic year. Stay tuned as additional information on this innovative program is available.

Cheyenne Rogers, Assistant Director of Academic Transitions and Learning Support, was also a 2021 recipient of the UNLV Mission Fulfillment Grant of $1,500 for the proposal, Pathways to Graduation: Engaging Former Major Pathways Students.