Tifara Rachal
Dec. 1, 2019


Tifara Rachal in Clinical Sciences received the UNLV Classified Employee of the Month award in November. According to the nomination, Tifara was working in the cashier’s office as a temporary staff member when a patient approached her asking about a note for her employer. The emergency department staff had gone home for the evening, and the patient was uncertain what to do. Without hesitating, Tifara escorted the patient back to the department, searched for and found the needed document. As the patient was leaving, she spoke with Tifara’s supervisor, who happened to pass by, and expressed her gratitude because she may have faced disciplinary action without the note.

“I find great pleasure in helping people and I enjoy being on the back end of excellent work,” Tifara said. “Ensuring that our department is run smoothly and cohesively is my top priority. It’s a great feeling when you get to do what you love every day.”