Brione Minor Mitchell
Dec. 20, 2021

Whether she's in the classroom as a student, a teacher, or as a principal, Brione Minor (BA '04, M.Ed '05 and '16) is undeniably a leader. The Vegas local is currently working on her doctorate in executive educational leadership at UNLV while serving a the recently-promoted principal at Cunningham Elementary School within the Clark County School District. In case you had any doubt, she is happy to share her passion for diversifying educational leadership positions.

Brione is a lifelong learner (this is her fourth degree from UNLV) and her desire to change the education system fuels her progress on her current academic path. Brione appreciates that the degree program encourages visionary thinking, innovative solutions to current and future educational challenges for public school leaders, and uses a problem-based learning approach. It also helps educators promote the success and well-being of each student, teacher, and leader they encounter in the educational system.

After more than 13 years in the classroom, she transitioned to a leadership role to "change the trajectory of students who were stuck in the school-to-prison pipeline due to unconscious bias and misaligned opportunities." Increasing diversity in educational leadership positions is a key element of her strategy. “For the achievement to increase in students of color populations, students of color must have a diverse workforce around them, and leaders of color will naturally attract more teachers and staff of color. This is crucial in the success of urban districts."

Brione’s experience as a doctoral candidate has made her a stronger advocate for equity in education. “To be a person of color in an educational leadership position means that I can make a difference for those who come after me. It means that students of color could see themselves as leaders as well.” She says that pursuing this degree has helped her find her voice and connect to the people, places, and spaces that amplify that voice.