Oct. 11, 2019

I am currently a graduate student studying to become a licensed MFT through UNLV’s Marriage and Family Therapy program.

I find multiple things valuable about my interdisciplinary studies degree. Being already involved in trans* and gender nonconforming issues when I transferred to UNLV in 2009, I knew I needed a flexible program that would let me pull my interests in psychology, sociology, women’s studies, and anthropology together under one degree. Having an IDS option available allowed me to tailor my classes to fit my passions and interests while still receiving the structure I needed to keep me on a timely graduation path. As an unintended boon, my social science studies focus has given me an edge when it comes to grasping interdisciplinary concepts in my graduate classes.

The most valuable aspect of my degree though is the supportive and encouraging faculty and staff that continued to push me and embrace my ideas, even when I was ready to give up and take the easy path. If not for these wonderful individuals, my IDS degree would be just a piece of paper and two and a half years of school instead of something I will forever be proud of.