Sep. 14, 2022

Every March and September, Workday releases major upgrades designed to increase functionality and enhance the user experience. As of September 10, the following enhancements are live in Workday:

Global Navigation Menus Shortcuts and Apps Finder

The Apps tab and Shortcuts feature, located in the upper-left corner of the web browser, can be configured for quick access to favorite tasks, reports, and other frequently used items. 

•    View and edit the app order on the Apps tab. While more apps can be selected, only 20 will display in the Global Navigation menu.
•    Add, reorder, and remove up to 10 shortcuts and external links on the Shortcuts tab.

People Experience is now the Home Page Default Experience

This update allows access to the global navigation menu when clicking the View All Apps link on the Home page, simplifying navigation and streamlining the experience.

Table View and Navigation

Workday improved accessibility, performance, and usability for read-only tables. Reports automatically display page numbers on large read-only tables, allowing users to view all table rows on one page, adding control and flexibility. 

Ad Hoc Approver User Experience

Workday improves business process steps by providing a direct and efficient way to add approvers to the Approval Steps by doing the following:

•    Renaming the Submit button to Approve and Send to Approvers.
•    Displaying comments collected by users on the Approval tasks in the Comment field.

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