Lambda Kappa Delta Sign

Lambda Kappa Delta Table Signage

Mar. 30, 2022

By Maren Barney (UNLV School of Integrated Health Sciences Communication office)

UNLV is home to many RSOs (Recognized Student Organizations), including honor RSOs that focus on developing and preparing students for their desired career path and holding them to a high standard throughout their college career.  Briauna Davis is a fourth-year Kinesiology major and the current President of Lambda Kappa Delta (LKD), the Pre-Physical Therapy Honor Society.  

Davis explained that LKD provides student members shadowing opportunities with different Physical Therapists around Las Vegas and provides members the opportunity to meet and listen to Physical Therapists two times per month.  These opportunities ensure that students considering a career in Physical Therapy are confident that it will be a good fit for them.  For Davis she entered her undergraduate years to pursue a career in the education field but switched her major to Kinesiology to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.  Like so many, Davis made the switch without fully understanding what opportunities a Kinesiology degree could provide.  Davis's academic advisor recommended that she join Lambda Kappa Delta to understand further what it means to be a Physical Therapist and find students with shared interests. 
The benefits of joining an RSO such as Lambda Kappa Delta are extensive.  Members of LKD can meet and connect with Jessica Allen, the Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator of the UNLV Physical Therapy Program.  Allen shared that "student clubs are a great way to make friends outside the classroom and allow you to build professional skills and learn about career options which are essential for career development." Allen also doubles as the faculty advisor of Lambda Kappa Delta, and she is a critical component whose regular presence serves to see what the Physical Therapy Program is looking for as far as applicants go.  Allen also provides insight on how the members can continue to boost themselves to have the best chance of being accepted into the program once they graduate.  In addition, she coaches Pre-PT applicants to help students stand out during the application process.  LKD also provides mutually beneficial volunteer opportunities, builds better relationships with community members, and builds on current resumes. 
In short, Lambda Kappa Delta provides students with incredible opportunities to become involved in the Physical Therapy community, as well as helping students obtain their desired career goals.  As for Briauna Davis, she has been accepted into UNLV's Physical Therapy Program for the upcoming Fall term due to her hard work and dedication to Lambda Kappa Delta and UNLV.