Jun. 3, 2022


Risk Management & Safety would like to remind the UNLV community about the importance of golf cart safety. To limit the number of thefts and vandalism to golf carts, please keep the following in mind.

  • When new golf carts are purchased, take photos of the cart (front and back)
  • Store golf carts in a locked, secure area that can be accessed only by employees
    • If a secure area is not available, try to secure the cart utilizing other means such as chaining the cart to a fixed object (a rack or to other carts)
  • Do not leave cart keys in the ignition when not in use
  • Perform regular inventory if you have more than one cart
  • Track when golf carts are being used by employees using a sign-in sheet

Golf cart insurance coverage falls under two categories:

  • Auto Physical Damage
  • Property Coverage

Golf carts valued at over $3,000 must have a theft prevention device such as a club or chain lock for coverage to apply. When Facilities Management purchases new golf carts, Risk Management & Safety adds the new cart to the auto insurance schedule and notifies departments of theft prevention procedures and insurance/claim information. 

If you discover a golf cart is missing, please take these actions:

For more detailed information on cart safety, please visit our Cart Safety page. Please note, privileges can be revoked if rules concerning the use of carts are violated.

If you have any questions, please contact Risk Management & Safety at 702-895–4226.