May. 24, 2022

Another academic year is in the books at UNLV. And while many understandably use the summer months to rest and recharge, activity abounds on our campuses.
Summer classes and research experiences are already underway for our students, faculty are driving new discoveries out in the field and in our research labs, and summer camps for area teachers and K-12 students on campus bring a unique energy this time of year.
And while we’re always looking ahead to what’s next, it’s also good to reflect on the successes of UNLV's faculty and students. And there were many. It's gratifying to turn on the news or pick up the paper and see our faculty and students sharing expertise related to their research or offering important insight on issues impacting our community and world.
This semester alone, our amazing faculty and students have been highlighted in news stories around the nation and world related to social media and the war in Ukraine, Vegas as a hot housing market and a burgeoning pro sports town, cultural traditions and holidays, and research ranging from improving cancer drugs to discovering a new form of ice. 
I invite you to view a highlight reel that captures just a few of the headline-making stories during the Spring 2022 semester. I also encourage you to visit our News Center for the latest on UNLV's contributions to research, community, economic development, and more. 

Keith E. Whitfield, Ph.D.
President, UNLV